Underwater car park with parking guidance system

fotocredit: © Lundgaard & Tranberg, Kvæsthusprojektet.dk

MSR-Traffic provides equipment for the car park of the Kvaesthus project located under water in Copenhagen's old town.

An 80 million euro project is just taking shape in the Danish capital Copenhagen. It is called "Kvaesthus urban space" and will be finished in 2015. Already now you get information on it on the building site in a special exhibition pavilion. An unsightly wasteland next to the new playhouse will turn into a 15,000 square meters large pier with wooden floor mainly intended for events of all kind. One level down, that is to say under water, an underground car park will accommodate more than 500 cars, on a total of three levels. Not only built for the visitors to the new Kvaesthus Pier, the parking places shall also improve the scarce and therefore expensive parking space in Copenhagen.

Kvæsthus project

MSR-Traffic delivers ultrasonic technology for 510 parking spaces

Thanks to the innovative traffic control technology, visitors to the Kvaesthus site will be guided from the entrance directly to the nearest available parking place. This not only facilitates the search and reduces the traffic in the underground car park, but also saves a lot of time. Ventilation costs can be diminished as well. Thus the technology of MSR-Traffic contributes to the sustainability and energy efficiency of the parking facility.

Kvæsthus project

For more information visit http://www.kvaesthusprojektet.dk/

Photocredits: © Lundgaard & Tranberg, Kvæsthusprojektet.dk

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