Wolfratshausen becomes smart city

MSR-Traffic equips parking spaces with magnetic field sensors

The small town at the Lake Starnberg in Bavaria upgrades its parking spaces to become a smart city. Sections of the city centre will be provided with innovative wireless LAN magnetic field sensors for the detection of vehicles on outdoor parking spaces, which give information on the occupation status of single parking spaces (free or occupied) at any time. Wolfratshausen is one of the first German cities using smart outdoor single space detection.

The wireless sensors with integrated battery that are installed beneath the floor send their information to a local repeater via radio. This device redirects the data to a master computer by GPRS.

The information on the occupation of the parking spaces is stored, analysed and transmitted to the dynamic direction signs. The corresponding software enables the evaluation of parking activities taking the results of each single parking space into account.  It allows trend analyses as well as the identification of permanent parkers or parking offenders and visualises all parking areas on a monitor.

The integration of the sensors within the Smart City network installed by the technology company MSR-Traffic from Pocking enables a precise, realtime evaluation of all parking activities and quickly guides citizens and visitors to the next free parking space. That way the usage of existing parking spaces is to be optimized, the time spent searching for a parking space to be reduced and the earnings from parking fees to be increased, which results in a win win situation for both city and car drivers and last but not least also for the environment.

Wolfratshausen MSR-Traffic’s wireless LAN technology

The parking system with Wireless LAN technology contributes to sustainable city development

The targeted direction of car-drivers to the next free parking space helps avoid a great part of the traffic produced by cars searching for a place to park. As a result the traffic density will be reduced just as noise and harmful emissions. Cities will offer more quality of life and once again be more attractive as living environment and economic zone.

MSR-Traffic’s wireless LAN technology is an economically and ecologically sustainable alternative for local government representatives confronting the current traffic situation in urban areas.

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The Bavarian company MSR-Traffic has developed the innovative wireless sensor technology. Beside sensors, modules and controllers they also supply the software that allows the smooth functioning of the On-Street-Parking system.

For more information and questions please contact:

MSR-Traffic GmbH
Würdinger Straße 27a | 94060 Pocking

Phone: +49 85 31 9004 0
Fax: +49 85 31 9004 44

E-mail: info[at]msr-traffic.de


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