The nagelsgroup believes printed parking tickets will be around for years to come

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From small start ups to huge companies, everyone in the parking industry is trying to work on digital parking solutions that could replace the printed tickets. nagelsgroup, the world leaders in the printed parking tickets who printed more than 3.5 billion tickets last year alone, are keeping a very close look at those upcoming solutions, but so far, there has not been anything that they believe is ready to take over.

We are looking at that part of the market [digital replacement of printed tickets] very closely, but if you want to have something that has the same impact as the tickets, it should be right” says Dr. Alex Kreikenberg, the International Group Marketing Manager of nagelsgroup “It has to be an easy solution that is ready to be used. When you talk about digitalization, it has to work as good as the printed tickets."

We have been following the upcoming digital solutions very intensively for the last couple of years and we are working on some ourselves, but there is not one solution that is as easy to use as the printed ticket."

If you have a look at existing apps, there are not enough customer focused and do not add true customer value. There is not one solution out there that has covered the things the customers really wants.

The group believe that printed tickets are not going anywhere in the foreseeable future. Dr. Kreikenberg comments: “As ticket manufacturers we believe that the tickets will last in industrialized countries for at least a couple of decades, but in the meantime we are looking into a digital prodsolution uct that can compliment the ticket.

nagelsgroup are not afraid to adapt to the new digital trends. More than 20 years ago, they were one of the first companies in the world to produce magnetic tickets, which could be considered the first digital revolution in the parking industry.

However, the company does not want to jump into digitalization too quickly. Dr. Kreikenberg explains “The biggest concern when we talk about digitalization is that business concepts can change from one day to the other, and that the parking industry is a very conservative industry. We foster close relations with our partners within the industry. So when we come up with a digital product we have to think about our partners, the parking operators as well as the OEMs. We have to provide an acceptable solution which complements the ticket instead of disrupting big parts of the industry Any new digital solution has toto be adjustable to existing business models of the OEMs and the car park operators.

nagelsgroup will be present at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016 from the 5th to the 8th of April in booth 02.213. The company will reveal their new positioning for the customers and demonstrate some of their new exiting products.

About nagelsgroup

Nagels Group

nagelsgroup, based in Kempen, is the worldwide leader in producing machine-issued car park tickets and transit tickets of all types. We currently produce car park tickets for over 62 countries worldwide. Our highly flexible equipment allows us to produce car park tickets for any type of system. We also produce tickets for the transport industry such as tram, train, subway or bus tickets, tickets for toll systems, tickets for various barcode systems, entry tickets for cinemas or theatre, RFID tickets, plastic cards and rolls for almost any pay and display system you can think of.


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