Nedap: Automatic and Contactless Access to Camping It Soal with MOOV Leisure

Nedap's MOOV Leisure platform in combination with license plate recognition was chosen to automate contactless access

Manually issuing cards to guests for access to the holiday park, crowds for check-in and long queues of vehicles at the barrier: this process had to be simplified and optimized. Camping It Soal required an access control solution with no manual actions required by both the guests and the reception desk. Nedap's MOOV Leisure platform in combination with license plate recognition was chosen to automate contactless access to the holiday park. The implementation was carried out by ST&D Apeldoorn B.V..

Tourist camping It Soal

Camping It Soal is a holiday park located directly on the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. The campsite has hundreds of well-maintained camping spots for tourist and seasonal campers and is equipped with the most modern facilities. In addition to camping spots, there are dozens of luxury chalets with beautiful views on the lake that ensure a very comfortable stay.

Need for Easy and Secure Access

While on a normal weekday an average of 600 vehicles enter and leave the It Soal site, a summer holiday with 1,000 barrier movements is no exception. All these vehicles must be checked at the park barrier, to ensure only authorized vehicles can enter the park and no unwanted traffic enters the park. Previously It Soal used a card system: when guests arrive, they have to check in at the reception. Upon check-in the guest receives a card that they need to present manually at the barrier. When authorized the barrier will open. Because guests often arrive on fixed days and times, during these peak times this process created long queues at the barrier. This caused frustration for guests. At the same time, the reception was busy with the manual check-in and time consuming process of issuing cards. This process had to be simplified and optimized. It Soal therefore required an access control solution where no manual actions have to be performed by both the guests and the receptionists.

Nedap’s MOOV Leisure Solution

It Soal has selected Nedap's MOOV Leisure platform in combination with license plate recognition for automatic and controlled vehicle access to the holiday park. MOOV Leisure is a software module for vehicle access control within recreational environments. In MOOV Leisure you can determine the access policy in a few simple steps and you can easily manage access rights and profiles. MOOV is a web application, which means that you have insight anytime and anywhere. This means that as an administrator or receptionist you do not have to be present at the barrier.

Since the holiday park is divided into various zones, there are several passages to enter the terrain. In addition to access for guests, you can also realize automatic access in the MOOV software for internal vehicles, such as suppliers, cleaning teams and employees. In this way you don't have to worry about it anymore.

License Plate Recognition for Vehicles

To fully automate the process, the holiday park wanted to use license plate recognition instead of cards for vehicle access to the holiday park. The ANPR Lumo camera from Nedap was chosen for this. This all-in-one license plate camera has a reading distance of 2 to 10 meters for easy vehicle recognition. The high accuracy ensures that all types of license plates – in Europe and beyond – can be read.

MOOV Leisure is seamlessly integrated with the online reservation system from Booking Expert which was implemented by It Soal. As a result it it possible for guests to enter a registration number when booking. The license plate is stored in the booking and transferred to MOOV Leisure. The MOOV Leisure software then ensures that guests can drive in during the entire stay based on license plate an set access right profile, based on the booking duration.

The entire barrier installation and MOOV implementation was realized thanks to Nedap's partner ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. Nedap and ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. have been working for more than 15 years intensively together to apply MOOV Leisure in the recreation market in the Netherlands.

Nedap MOOV Leisure is a user-friendly platform that works easily and integrates seamlessly with our reservation software. This provides contactless access for guests and relieves our staff of inefficient tasks.” Frank van het Reve, Manager at Camping It Soal

Automatic and Contactless Access to the Holiday Park

The MOOV Leisure solution has made a positive contribution for It Soal to the efficient working of staff and the guest experience. The results at a glance:

  • The access control process is completely contactless and automated. This ensures that reception staff are no longer busy with this. The staff is relieved, so that more time can be spent on other tasks.
  • By using license plate recognition, guests only need to provide their license plate when booking online, after which they can automatically drive in and out during the stay. Losing a pass is therefore no longer possible.
  • The integration of MOOV Leisure with Booking Experts ensures flexible and automatic check-in of guests. This reduces the workload for receptionists and guests no longer have to queue.
  • MOOV Leisure is a user-friendly tool for reception staff. This makes it easy to explain and use for temporary workers who come to work during the peak season.

About Nedap Identification Systems 

Nedap is the leading specialist in systems for long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection, and city access control. Identifying people and their vehicles without delaying them. That is how we empower security, parking, and traffic management systems all over the world. Millions of professionals trust Nedap technology to support them. To access buildings. To drive into secured perimeters. or to find a parking bay. Combining cutting-edge technology with decades of experience. That is how we secure the flow of vehicles and people.

High-tech company Nedap N.V. creates high-quality, innovative hardware and software products that enable people to be more productive and successful in their professional lives. Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 700 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters is located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.


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