Nedap and Cross roll out SENSIT for 2.000 parking spaces in Izmir

Nedap and Cross roll out SENSIT for 2.000 parking spaces in Izmir

Nedap and Cross team-up to monitor on-street parking in the Turkish city of Izmir. As part of a city wide implementation of traffic management, 2.000 parking spaces are equipped with Nedap’s wireless parking sensor system SENSIT. Integrated with traffic management platform InVipo of Cross, the vehicle occupancy of individual parking spaces in the streets of Izmir is monitored. Based on real-time information, motorists are guided to available spaces easily. In addition all paid, time restricted and disabled parking zones can be monitored efficiently.

The Greater Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started implementing a fully adaptive traffic management, control and information system. It is the first comprehensive metropolitan traffic management system to be implemented in Turkey. The project is awarded to the Czech companies Cross in a joined-venture with AZD Praha.

Increasing number of vehicles

Izmir is a metropolitan city located along the Mediterranean Sea. With 4 million inhabitants, it is the third most populous city in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. In this densely populated city, the number of vehicles continues to increase. As a consequence, traffic is congesting and the demand for parking spaces is growing. Besides improving the coordination of metros, buses and urban ferries, the city of Izmir decided to invest in its road infrastructure.

2000 smart parking spaces in Izmir

Based on SENSIT, accurate parking information about 2.000 parking spaces is transmitted into InVipo. A wide network of variable message signs allows motorists to quickly find a spot to park. SENSIT enables the city parking operator to detect vehicles abusing parking spaces and parked longer as permitted in zones for paid parking, time restricted parking and handicap parking. Understanding the usage and demand of parking spaces enables the city to roll-out smarter customized parking programs in different areas in order to reduce traffic congestion and to increase the utilization of existing parking spaces.

Accurate vehicle detection

Nedap’s SENSIT system consists of wireless bay-mounted sensors which detect the vehicle occupancy status and duration of parking events at single parking spots. The parking sensors use dual-detection technology, combined magnetic and infrared, to ensure the most accurate vehicle detection measuring. The system deploys a fast and robust wireless radio communication network which is essential for outdoor parking applications, on-street and off-street, in urban areas.

In control of traffic flows

SENSIT fully integrated into InVipo. This traffic management and information platform focuses on delivering a safer, more efficient and environmental sustainable vehicular traffic flow in urban areas. The InVipo platform enables constant control of traffic flows, adjustment of traffic signal timings at intersections, response in the event of incidents and to detect traffic. Additionally, with having parking occupancy information on-board from the SENSIT system on-board, InVipo gathers extensive knowledge about the real-time usage of parking spaces across the city of Izmir.

Strategic partnership

Cross is a Certified Partner for Nedap’s wireless vehicle detection. The project implementation in Izmir is the first result of the strategic partnership of the companies Cross and Nedap that was announced earlier last year. This collaboration focuses on further improving the control of traffic flows in cities. During Intertraffic 2016, Cross was awarded for its traffic control and information platform InVipo as winner of the Overall Innovation Award and Smart Mobility Category Award. Nedap is awarded with the Intertraffic Parking Innovation Award for its wireless vehicle detection system SENSIT in 2006.

About NedapNedap Identification Systems

Nedap is the leading specialist in systems for vehicle identification, vehicle detection and vehicle access control. Readers, sensors and controllers optimize, monitor and control vehicle flows. With SENSIT, Nedap helps cities to become smart about their mobility. Nedap Identification Systems, part of Nedap N.V., is headquartered in the Netherlands and has offices in Europe, US, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Nedap designs and develops intelligent, sustainable technological solutions for themes that are relevant to the modern society. It is Nedap’s ambition to offer ‘Technology that Matters’.


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