Nedap's MOOV Leisure Solution Provides Automated and Controlled Vehicle Access to Holiday Park De Klepperstee

- The Netherlands
Holiday Park De Klepperstee

On a busy summer day 1900 vehicles pass through the barrier at Holiday park De Klepperstee: how do you check all these vehicles and how do you ensure that guests do not end up in long queues at the barrier? Holiday park De Klepperstee required an automated vehicle access solution to process the large amount of vehicles to the park. Nedap MOOV Leisure was selected as the perfect solution to automate the access control process and optimize efficiency of the vehicle check in process, reducing workload on reception staff. The entire barrier installation and implementation of MOOV Leisure was realised by ST&D Apeldoorn B.V..

Holiday park De Klepperstee

Holiday park De Klepperstee has been a lively family business for over fifty years and is located behind the dunes of Ouddorp aan Zee in the Netherlands. A modern and sustainable park in the greenery of more than thirty hectares with camping pitches for tents, caravans, motorhomes, folding trailers and a bungalow and motorhome park. The park has a bistro, indoor (play) garden and swimming pond. In the coming years, work will be done on a green and natural holiday experience. Even more space is being created for the unique nature and new accommodations comparable to tiny houses are being built.

Check in process of vehicles to the park

The recreation area of De Klepperstee consists of large and diverse premises with various holiday accommodations, including camping places, bungalows, holiday homes, cabins and a separate motorhome park. On the park itself there are multiple zones and depending where your accommodation is located you can access these areas by car. Due to this on a busy summer day about 1900 vehicles enter and leave the site every day. To avoid more vehicles on the park, it is very important for De Klepperstee to check whether and when vehicles have access to the park and to prevent queues at the barrier. Previously when barrier control was not managed automatically, especially during peak hours when guests check in and out, there were long queues of vehicles. Due to the large number of vehicles, managing the barrier by issuing tickets to guests became a major task for the desk staff of De Klepperstee. Reception staff could therefor spent less time on the guest experience. De Klepperstee therefore needed an automated solution to optimize the vehicle access process to the holiday park.

Automated check-in with MOOV Leisure

De Klepperstee selected Nedap's MOOV Leisure solution to fully automate the vehicle access process at the holiday park. MOOV Leisure is a software module that provides remote management of the barrier installations on site. Via the MOOV Leisure web application, access can be granted from any location and insight can be obtained into which vehicles are on the site. This information is available at a glance, which saves a lot of time.

Since the holiday park is divided into various zones, there are several passages to enter the terrain. In addition to access for guests, you can also realize automatic access in the MOOV software for internal vehicles, such as suppliers, cleaning teams and employees. In this way you don't have to worry about it anymore.

The entire barrier installation was realized thanks to Nedap's partner ST&D Apeldoorn B.V.. Nedap and ST&D Apeldoorn B.V. have been working for more than 15 years intensively together to apply MOOV Leisure in the recreation market in the Netherlands.

Seamless integration with online booking system

The MOOV Leisure system could be seamlessly integrated with the online booking system of Booking Experts, which was implemented by De Klepperstee for online booking a place or accommodation at the holiday park. This ensures that the entire check-in process and access to the holiday park via license plate recognition is fully automated.

When a guest places an online booking, they are immediately asked to enter the license plate as part of the reservation. The information is saved to the booking. The seamless integration of MOOV Leisure with Booking Experts, ensures that the information is transferred to the MOOV Leisure system instantly. Based on this access is automatically granted for the guest to the barrier and areas on the park for the booked period The license plate is automatically recognized by the license plate camera on arrival and immediate access is then granted based on the access rights for the locations on the park associated with the respective booking. The selected license plate camera is Nedap's ANPR Lumo, which can read all license plates in Europe due to its high accuracy. A pin is applied for bookings where no license plate information is entered, so automatic access can still be granted.

By fully automating this process, the time previously invested by staff in making cards available to guests to access the park is a thing of the past.

“Thanks to the seamless integration of MOOV Leisure with our booking system, the check-in process is also fully automated. No more queues at the reception, but automatic check-in when it suits you! Thanks to MOOV Leisure, we can manage the barrier and access rights of vehicles automatically and remotely. This is super easy and even possible via mobile phone. As a result, our staff has much more time for our guests and our guests no longer have to use cards. Double result!” Tessa Lokker, Backoffice at Holiday park De Klepperstee‍

Benefits of MOOV Leisure at a glance

Using MOOV Leisure provides the following benefits:

  • From one location you can (remotely) manage all barriers automatically.
  • No more manual actions required, so your staff has all the time for your guests.
  • The possibility to easily enter the site as a guest based on license plate or PIN.
  • Seamless connection with Booking Experts, so that check-in times of vehicles are also visible in the booking system.
  • Secure access and hospitable reception of your guests;

Improved customer experience

MOOV Leisure has proven to be an efficient solution for controlled vehicle access for De Klepperstee. With more than 1900 vehicle passages in the main season, access could be arranged fully automatically, without the desk attendant being busy. The staff of De Klepperstee can allocate time to other tasks that directly contribute to an improved customer experience.

About Nedap Identification Systems 

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