Vialis and Nedap win Dutch Innovation Award for “Smart Parking”

- Den Bosch, the Netherlands

During the Dutch premier parking event Parkeervak 2013 the combination Vialis and Nedap has won the Innovation Award for “Smart Parking”. The jury was impressed by the cooperation of both companies that resulted in a combined solution. They expect this to be the next step to one single system that guides motorists to the nearest available on-street parking spot in a city through a in-car navigation system.


The ‘Smart-Parking’-concept of Vialis and Nedap makes parking in cities easier, it improves the traffic flow and reduces the number of motorists searching an available parking space. Vialis, a subsidiary of VolkerWessels, connects its Vivaldi system for dynamic traffic management with the SENSIT system for wireless parking detection from Nedap.

Motorists are guided to available parking spaces on street. The information is passed to the motorist through in-car systems. The solution is useful for the motorist trying to find an empty parking space and for the operator of parking locations because the available parking capacity is more efficiently utilized. This solution decreases search traffic, improves utilization of parking capacity and reduces of CO2-emissions.

The combined technologies of Nedap and Vialis inform road authorities and users dynamically about traffic flow, utilization, travel and parking information. The parking guidance is available for parking garages and parking locations.

It is also a notable solution for on-street parking, which is unique! The concept is future proof and connects seamlessly with the in-car technology and growth directed to “Smart Cities”.


Vialis supplies cities with solutions for of dynamic traffic management. A large number of municipalities in the Netherlands use Vivaldi to optimizing traffic flow. The system is connected to a variety of traffic-related technologies, such as traffic control systems and signage systems.


Nedap offers SENSIT: a wireless sensor platform that maps out parking occupancy. The cooperation between Vialis and Nedap enables motorists to be guided to free parking spaces in the city easily and swiftly. This reduces search traffic and improves the utilization of existing parking facilities. The combination of dynamic traffic management and parking monitoring is unique in the Netherlands. Much interest of cities is anticipated.


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