Nedap parking sensors prove efficiency in reducing traffic searching for parking in city of Winterswijk

- Winterwijk, The Netherlands

Winterswijk recently conducted a research on how the new parking guidance system introduced earlier this year impacted the traffic flow . Parking bays in the centre of Winterswijk were fitted with Nedap parking sensors, aiming to alleviate parking pressure at peak times and to improve accessibility of the city. The study concluded that Nedap parking sensors, combined with the new parking guidance system, have a clearly beneficial impact on reducing search traffic in Winterswijk.

Searching for parking has reduced significantly since parking spaces are better utilised. In addition motorists find the current parking guidance system extremely useful, as apparent from the analysis carried out by Keypoint Consultancy on request of the Winterswijk town council. Keypoint analysed the car park utilisation rate prior to and after the system became operational. Moreover experiences of motorists were analyzed as part of the research.

Parking signs Nedap Avi guidance system

Parking Guidance System

Car park utilisation

  • The parking system reduces traffic in search for a parking space at peak times. The Peperbus, De Wheme and Blikbak car parks are more easily found and increased occupancy levels are achieved.
  • On Saturdays, the average bay occupancy in all car parks has structurally improved; at the location Peperbus it increased by 16%.
  • The last remaining parking bay at the De Wheme and Blikbak car parks are also more easily found. Before the parking guidance system was operational, these sites had never been fully occupied. Since the system has been in use, the car parks are regularly fully occupied.
  • The car parks fill up earlier during the day.
  • Improved utilisation on existing car parks reduces the need for additional parking spaces.

User experience

  • 89% of motorists experience the guidance system as helpful and user-friendly.
  • 23% of respondents who come across the parking guidance system indicate that they chose a car park based on the current information displayed on the signs positioned along the access route. This influence rate is high compared to rates of 10% to 15%, found in studies conducted in other cities in the  Netherlands.
  • 47% of respondents are aware of the signs. This percentage is lower than previous results from similar studies in the Netherlands. This could be due to the high number of motorists already familiar with the local parking situation.

Parking guidance system by Nedap Avi

Signs displaying real-time parking information

Parking approach

In 2008, the town council of Winterswijk instructed the Keypoint consultancy to analyse the parking situation in the town centre. The town was affected by the increasing parking pressure and reduced accessibility. At peak times, it caused considerable inconvenience to surrounding residential areas, reducing the quality of life for local residents. As a result, the town Winterswijk developed a new approach to parking in the town centre.

In order to improve the distribution of vehicles across the available car parks, to reduce the search traffic in surrounding residential areas and offer visitors optimal parking facilities, Winterswijk instructed Nedap, a manufacturer of technological solutions, to install wireless vehicle detection sensors measuring real time vehicle occupancy in park bays in the De Wheme, Blikbak and Peperbus car parks. Signs along the access routes to the town centre inform motorists about available parking capacity and guide them to available parking spaces.

Wireless parking sensors

SENSIT from Nedap is a network of wireless parking sensors that detect the real time occupancy of every single parking space. The system provides real-time parking space information, which can be used to guide traffic to available parking spaces in cities and towns. Motorists therefore experience less parking stress and easily find a parking space. Local councils benefit from a smooth flow of traffic, reduced emissions, improved use of car park facilities and maximum return on car park investments.

Parking sensors Nedap Avi

Wireless vehicle detection sensors on parking bays

Wireless vehicle detection sensors Nedap Avi

The wireless parking sensors detect the real time
occupancy of every single parking space

Nedap AVINedap AVi

The Dutch technology company Nedap AVI is the leading specialist in solutions for long-distance identification and wireless vehicle detection solutions to optimise, monitor and manage the flow of traffic in urban areas. Nedap AVI offers a full range of innovative products that combine leading edge technology with quality resulting from over 30 years of experience in RFID.


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