Introducing Nexpa's Contactless Parking: Safety Above All

- Manila Bay, Philippines
Introducing Nexpa's Contactless Parking: Safety Above All

On March 11th 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Upon WHO’s advice, social distancing has become a global necessity. Today, some businesses and consumers are minizing contact with each other while others are almost entirely avoiding contact. Thus, most drivers have seriously reduced their use of paid parking lots.

While we are uncertain when we will get back to business as usual, we expect drivers to be much more cautious than before. It is highly likely that we will all be more cautious around crowds and touching surfaces in public places such as parking lots. So how are parking businesses navigating through this crisis? The use of our mobile application for Ayala Malls Manila Bay in the Philippines is just one example.

Ayala Malls Manila Bay is the one of the largest Complex malls in the Philippines. As part of avoiding the COVID-19 crisis, Ayala Malls has found a way to make a customer's mall experience better and safer with NEXPA's mobile application, the first and most advanced parking service in the Philippines.

            Screen of mobile application                  Screen of mobile application

NEXPA's mobile application offers parking users the opportunity to find, reserve, and pay for parking anywhere. This app also provides various services about using mall in order to enhance user experience with convenient services. Equipped with the latest technology, customers no longer need to worry about misplacing parking cards, forgetting where they left their car, and overthinking if customer's vehicle is safe within the basement premises.

See how our parking solutions can help you increase flexibility for your parking!

Safety is a new opportunity that has become a new frontier for customer/employee loyalty. Contactless entry, exit and payment provide differentiated value to consumers, users, and tenants of buildings and facilities at this time with a heightened sense of health and well-being. Nexpa's intelligent parking solution at its core provides automation, enhances safety/security, and optimizes convenience. Our latest mobility trends show how organizations can employ intelligent parking to offer safe contactless parking options.

kickstart contactless parking efforts with NEXPA


  • Automated and ticketless entry, exit: NEXPA's LPR is an automated control/management ticketless system that minimizes car congestion at the entrance and
  • the exit of the parking lots.
  • Visual parking guidance: Parking users can easily find an available parking bay at a glance by checking NEXPA's guidance signage and LED indicators.
  • Cashless payments: NEXPA's Auto Pay Station can reduce the time customer spend paying parking fees.
  • Mobile app for consumers that enables contactless parking: Parking users can conveniently find the location of their vehicles and pay parking fee with mobile app.

To find out how Nexpa can help with contactless parking, contact us!

About NEXPA System

NEXPA System Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of video analytics technology, specializing in smart Nexpa Systemparking and traffic law enforcement solutions. Founded in February 2004 in Seoul, South Korea, in the early years, NEXPA was focused on developing new technologies. With over 50 patents, we entered the market to propose technology-driven solutions to our customers, and since then huge progress has followed. Now, we have the greatest number of references for large-sized projects such as airports and shopping centers while still adding global projects to our successful references.


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