Oman will get its first automatic parking system by mid-2011

The system will offer solution to parking woes of Muscat which have been growing continuously due to rise in the number of vehicles and population.
City Seasons Hotel in Al Khuwair will be the first property to have a separate block equipped with automatic parking system supplied by Hyundai Elevator Co Ltd.

First entry

Lack of space, small sizes of plots in residential and business areas and cluster of buildings have also put tremendous pressure to look for innovative ways to provide parking solutions.

Taking the lead, the North Ocean Enterprises LLC has begun work at the City Seasons Hotel for providing the Hyundai's auto parking system -- thus marking the first entry of the technology into the country.

According R. Thasleem Khan, general manager, Hyundai Elevator Division, North Ocean Enterprises LLC, "With parking requirements shooting up each day and the authorities not granting building permits unless sufficient car parking facilities are provided, it will be wise to go for auto parking system which has been used in Korea, China, Japan and all over Europe for more than 20 years."

"The system makes best use of available space above and below the ground. With less environmental impact, it also ensures efficient use of land," said Thasleem.

The elevator, basement and puzzle types of auto parking system are common. Oman will first experience the elevator type.

Muscat Municipality, several ministries and major corporate houses have also shown interest in the auto parking system, Thasleem added. There are several advantages of the system, the key ones being vehicle will be stored in a fully enclosed structure, no risk of robbery, etc.

"You just need to take your car, leave it and come out and the car is lifted by an elevator to an empty space and while taking delivery the car rotates to come to the exit."

The City Seasons hotel has a space of 12 metre x 70 metre for car parking which was only adequate for around 35 slots but with the use of auto parking system, it will now be provided with 306 car slots using the same space. Automatic car parking is also beneficial to the environment. It would reduce the problem of pollution because the vehicles will not be driven through the system and thus less emission.

With the introduction of auto car parking system it is expected that areas like CBD, MBD, Al Nahdah Hospital, Corniche, Al Khuwair, Al Qurum and Al Ghubra will have more disciplined, organised, neat and clean look in the future. 
Hyundai Elevator Co., Ltd.


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