More comfort with Wöhr Car Parking Systems

comfort with Wöhr Car Parking Systems

Tests performed by the German Automobile Club “ADAC” on a total of 60 car parking garages located in 15 major European capitals have produced staggering results: none of the 60 garages tested have been rated as “very good” and every fifth car parking garage actually failed the test. Faults were found due to very steep ramps, very poor lighting in the parking slots, very low garage entrances - in some cases only 1.85 m high - and very narrow parking slots. 20% of these multi-storey and underground car parks are now almost 40 years old and no longer comply with standards currently in force.

Parking in and parking out of some of the car parks in question can suddenly turn into nightmare scenarios creating anxiety for the User, in addition to frequently avoidable damages to the vehicle.Woehr Car Parking Systems

Otto Wöhr GmbH, the Swabian manufacturer of mechanical and automatic car parking systems, proves that it CAN be possible for it all to be much easier and more comfortable!

A prime example is the “Park-Point” public car park garage in Istanbul. Here, the WÖHR Parksafe 580 system installation accommodates 276 vehicles parked into fifteen parking levels reaching both above and underground. SUVs, sedans, sports cars and kombis with an overall vehicle weight of up to 2.6 tons and clear width dimensions of up to 2.20 m are easily stacked into the car park facilities via four car transfer cabins.

Right before transiting through the entrance barrier, automated parking guidance systems guide the driver into the underground car park, to one of the four car transfer cabins. The door of one of the vacant car transfer cabins opens and the driver accesses a welcoming, well-lit transit space. Via the wall-mounted text display panel, here the driver is given instructions on the subsequent parking sequence operations. Alternatively, service staff is available for assistance around the clock.

The glazed drive-in area for vehicle transfer into the Parksafe 580 system is also provided with soft lighting and monitored by cameras.

The user then leaves through an ample, marble exit area adorned with artwork.

The actual car parking operations are performed by the Wöhr Parksafe 580 system fully automatically.

Woehr Car Parking Systems

The advantages and benefits of an automatic car park garage as compared to conventional ramp garages are immediately obvious:

  • although the WÖHR Parksafe systems are built on small construction areas, this does not go to the detriment of parking operation comfort, or to the costs charged to the Users
  • automatic car parking systems are very user-friendly: the parking slot is delivered to the driver and doesn’t need to be sought out. The User feels completely safe, without having to drive up steep ramps, manoeuvre into narrow driving lanes or having to leave the car park through badly lit stairwells and corridors
  • the car transfer stations allow for plenty of room to climb into and out of vehicles – this goes for large vehicles too. The cars are stacked together only when they are positioned into the rack levels
  • the vehicle is parked very safely, without there being any chance of vehicle damages due to theft or due to possible park-manoeuvre collisions
  • the User is spared countless bay parking manoeuvres; even during park-out, the rotating turntable built into the car transfer zone delivers the vehicle for retrieval so that it faces the correct drive-out position

As a market-leading manufacturer of car parking systems, Wöhr steadily monitors the developments in the automotive industry. From the seventies to date, some vehicle series such as the VW Golf are now about 20 cm wider. The German Garage Regulations however continue prescribing minimum parking space widths of 2.30 m. WÖHR is nevertheless observant of the changes underway and has already revised the mechanical parking system technical datasheets to specify a minimum required parking space width of 2.50 m.

WÖHR consistently engineers efficient vehicle stacking systems, aimed at making life for car park users a great deal more comfortable and parking operations all the more simple.

For plenty of other suggestions, access the “Projects” section in the Otto Wöhr GmbH website, at

About Wöhr Woehr Logo

Wöhr is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems. For almost 50 years now, since the number of cars on the roads began to increase, Wöhr has been designing and installing parking systems. And because we specialise in just parking systems, Wöhr today is the company with the most extensive product range worldwide. With over 450.000 parking places installed, 30.000 of these alone in the Far East, the reliability and safety of Wöhr systems speaks for itself.


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