Going Underground

What happens when the necessity of 21st century car travel clashes with the need to preserve some of Europe historical architecture?
Nobody would think at first glance, but the the Palazzo Compostella's courtyard can play host to no less than 18 parked vehicles belonging the residents of its various apartments without the need to have them on public display.
The whole courtyard is a hidden car park. 18 cars park unvisibly on 9 Parklift 462 S on 2 levels above each other. A central key controlled operating device allows the use of the system. For safety reasons only one unit can be used at the same time after lowering it again completely the next one is available. Even the hydraulic power packs are installed underground so that no technical details can disturb the impression of the stylish courtyard with its square stone covering.
QT0956(small).jpgThe machinery that makes it possible is the Wöhr Parklift 462 nine of them to be precise. Each one can store two cars and bear a total load of 2000kg per space with the aid of a hydraulic lifting mechanism. Not only is all the necessary hardware housed well out of sight, but the ground-level surface of the upper platform can also be seamlessly integrated to into the surrounding environment by adding suitable coverings such as paving stones, grass or asphalt. The end result is a concealed garage that's so well camouflaged that you barely even know it's there. Along with its Parklift 461 and 463 siblings, the 462 shows just how many possibilities there are when it comes to retrofitting the buildings of yesteryear with a little subterranean convenience enough for as many as three vehicles parked above the each other or six in row, should you have th space.
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In Crema, Northern Italy, the Palazzo Compostella già Dolfin dating back to the 17th century was lavishly renovated and changed into a condominium.


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