Reconstruction works yield extra parking space

It often occurs that where you have rows of closely-built city houses, only the minimum, mandatory free distance is left between the building construction and the set-back boundaries. As a rule, such areas cannot be built upon.
uliftsmaller.png4 underground parking levels
The Slimparker 557 provides effective solutions for the creation of extra parking spaces under these areas. No above-ground constructions are required here: the vertically retractable entry and exit platform is lifted only while the parking operation is being performed and then is lowered again once the parking operation is complete. Engineered specifically for long, narrow strips between buildings, the Slimparker 557 by Wöhr requires a clear installation width of merely 2.60 m and, combined with an installation length of 27.70 m and a minimum 11.55 m depth, it is possible to provide retroactive installations of up to 23 parking spaces stacked on 6 parking levels.
2.pngThe new Slimparker 557 for long and narrow ground plans. With an installation width of 2.60 m this slim system enables the creation of 23 underground parking spaces between buildings and set-back lines
The vehicle is parked onto a central drive-on entrance platform which is lowered and then covered by an invisible platform lid. Said ground-level lid can be provided with virtually any type of covering for perfect integration into its surroundings. Once the lid has been lifted, the car is parked onto the drive-on entrance platform, which is then lowered again and the car is automatically carried into one of the underground parking levels. Upon retrieval of the car, the parking space is selected and the system transfers the vehicle directly back up to the exit level.
3.pngThe entrance platform is lowered and remains invisible under the ground-level platform lid, which can be covered for perfect integration into its surroundings.
The first Slimparker 557 system has been operative in Tel Aviv, Israel, as of July 2011. In order for the construction permit for the addition of another storey to the building located on Ehad Haam Street,140 to be released, it was mandatory to provide for additional parking lots. The new Slimparker solution provided for an extra 15 underground parking spaces, thereby enabling the granting of construction permits for the extra storey. The long, slim, underground structural system erected along the existing building was built implementing pile foundation technology. The clear pit length amounts to 26 m, with a clear width of 2.60 m and is 8.22 m deep. The topmost parking level can accommodate vehicles up to 2 m high whereas the remaining three levels accommodate vehicles up to 1.75 m high. Due to the installation width, the passenger vehicle length has been reduced down to 4.90 m for a PMV weight of up to 2,6 t. The access time takes an average of 3-4 minutes.
Grafik_Israel557_Gesamt(smaller).png15 extra parking spaces were provided alongside an existing building in Tel Aviv. Where enough space is available, a Turntable can be added to the system, for increased exit operation comfort.


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