Smart parking solution with Combilift 543 at the luxury residential complex in Berlin

Different structural elements merge together to form one, unique construction, the “JOH3” Building in Berlin - with a combination of aluminium and glass selected for the WÖHR Combilift 543 steel structure.

The underground garages of the newly constructed “JOH3” luxury residential complex located in downtown Berlin have integrated the Combilift 543 solution to provide residents with comfortable parking facilities.

In reduced garage spaces it is possible to park vehicles vertically on top of one another reaching 3-level stacks, arranged into 7-module rows. This makes a total of 20 parking places provided on an area of only approximately 109 m².

Via additional interconnection systems the existing garage doors are linked up to the Combilift 543 radio remote control units. Using the same remote control units, Users can select both their garage doors as well as their Combilift parking slots as soon as they come into view. The Combilift parking process is activated behind closed doors. Once the parking places reaches park-in position, the electric door opens up and the User can drive directly onto the parking platform. The User can then exit the vehicle and enter to confirm the park-in sequence via the Combilift operation device. The electric doors will then automatically close back up again.

At the Combilift 543 entrance level (EL), it is possible to accommodate parking of luxury limousines und SUVs measuring up to 2.05 m high, 5.20 m long and weighting up to 2600 kg.

The upper level (UL) and lower level (LL) platforms are for passenger vehicles (PVs) and Combis up to 1.75 m high, 5.20 m long and weighing up to 2000 kg. All the parking slots have a clear width of 2.50 m and therefore provide Users with plenty of room for entry and exit.

A great deal of attention to comfort and user-friendliness has definitely been paid in the design and construction-engineering of the underground garage.

The impressive project was completed by German Architects J. Mayer H., that are not only renown in Germany but have also made quite a name for themselves on an international level for their innovative design concepts.

The JOH3 Berlin complex gets its name from the name of the street it has been built upon: Johannisstr. 3.

Vehicles are stacked vertically on top of one another to 3 parking levels served by only one entrance level.

By the principle of stacking and shifting vehicles close up to one another, the Combilift 543 provides almost 3 times more parking places compared to a conventional concrete garage.
Parking places can be entered at each module, additional ramps or driveways are not necessary.

The vehicles are parked behind closed doors and protected against theft and vandalism.


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