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Automatic parking solutions for stowing and stacking bicycles at the touch of a button

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As a means of transportation, bicycles are convenient, environment-friendly and are often the smarter choice when you need to reach your destination quickly and directly. For quite some time now bicycle riding hasn't been just simply a sport but a practical alternative to driving a car or taking a bus and testifies to a healthy lifestyle and a good degree of environmental awareness.

With an ever growing number of bicycles, there is however also an increased demand for bicycle parking spaces: in city centres, railway stations, industrial parks and/or business estates alike. With their smart bicycle parking garage options, Otto Wöhr GmbH can now offer compact space saving and theft proof bicycle stowing and storage solutions.

Making bicycle riding an attractive concept forms an integral part of the federal state and local municipal authority mobility strategies. Be it for traffic and transportation policies or urban development planning, infrastructure developers are keeping a firm eye on bicycle riders. It isn't only the new bicycle tracks being built practically everywhere but it is also the fact that the bicycles need to be parked that has become just as much a part of the issue. For instance some German federal states have already responded to the new demands on mobility requirements and have already seen to the provision of bicycle parking spaces within their federal state building regulations (LBO).

It is specifically where a good number of bicycles need to be parked, as is the case for railway stations, schools, sports arenas, shopping malls and/or business estates that often there is not enough space available and new solutions need to be provided for. In their capacity as renowned constructors of car parking systems, Otto Wöhr GmbH based in Friolzheim, Germany have now carefully approached the issue. The new WÖHR technology, first presented at the BAU 2015, the world's leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems is labelled WÖHR Cycle and offers city and municipal administrations as well as private construction developers a smart solutions in as far as the shortage of available parking spaces is concerned.

Automatic parking solutions for stowing and stacking bicycles at the touch of a button

Automatic bicycle-garage parking system options offering a capacity of up to 128 bicycle parking slots are available in both tower or underground shaft configurations. All the current bicycle models as well as pedelecs having a maximum weight of up to 30kg can be safely parked with maximised space saving benefits. Parking attendee services are not necessary: the user positions the bicycle onto a special wheel-rail located in the bicycle transfer sections and then enters a parking process confirmation via the operation panel. The bicycle is automatically retracted into the parking tower, and the door closes. When it's time to pick the bicycle back up again, it is delivered directly in drive-out direction within about 16 seconds subsequent to entry by the user of the bicycle retrieval request.

Based on the various requirements, WÖHR provides for a number of different operating concepts. In public places and facilities it is possible to install cash accounting systems offering a number of parking fee payment options such as via EC cards, credit cards, smartphone apps or prepaid cards.

For residential and office building installations, each user is instead provided with their own, individual chip card, enabling bicycle stowing or retrieval processes directly via an operating panel. "We can safely say that bicycle parking issues both in cities and in places that record peak bicycle parking needs are sure to escalate in the future", remarks Wolfgang Lenke, Managing Director at WÖHR. "Our bicycle parking systems not only constitute a visually attractive solution but are also a best-practice remedy for any such cases".

With a small but very pleasant side effect: users of the WÖHR bicycle parking systems are sure to be safe against possible vandalism and theft at all times.


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Wöhr is one of the leading manufacturers of car parking systems. For almost 50 years now, since the number of cars on the roads began to increase, Wöhr has been designing and installing parking systems. And because we specialise in just parking systems, Wöhr today is the company with the most extensive product range worldwide. With over 450.000 parking places installed, 30.000 of these alone in the Far East, the reliability and safety of Wöhr systems speaks for itself.


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