Pango Brings the Future to Latrobe, PA via Pay-by-Phone

Latrobe, Pa. – On Tuesday June 5, Pango Mobile Parking made its US city-wide debut in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Pango Mobile Parking’s pay-by-phone services are now fully operational throughout downtown Latrobe. In Latrobe, residents and visitors can now use their cell phone to Pango (Pay&Go) for parking on-street and off-street in open spaces and lots city wide.

To mark the US introduction of Pango’s comprehensive parking solution, Latrobe’s Mayor, City Manager, and City Council Members joined Pango Shyyny USA executives and Latrobe residents at a launch ceremony at noon at the iconic Latrobe Train Station. At the ceremony, attendees were treated to a special demonstration of how to use Pango as well as riveting speeches by the City Manager Mr. Alex Graziani and Pango Shyyny USA CEO Mr. Dani Shavit.

“This is Pango’s first launch in a US city and we’re proud to be that city,” said City Manager Graziani.

Local motorists have a reason to be proud as well.  Pango’s top priority is customer convenience. The pay-by-phone parking service is easy to use and aimed at saving the customer both time and money. Likewise, Latrobe motorists won’t have to worry about carrying coins or standing out in inclement weather just to pay for parking anymore. By choosing the new high-tech parking option, motorists will be able to Pango (Pay & Go) for parking in the comfort of their vehicle.

“The goal here is to provide greater customer convenience and service. I envision a future where parking meters will be like payphones. Parking meters (in the same way), will find less utility within the system.” said Alex Graziani, City Manager.

To begin using Pango, customers can sign-up for the new Pango Mobile Parking system  free of charge by one of the following options:

  • Website: Visit, Sign-Up in advance at your convenience (before you need to park).
  • Smartphone: Download the Pango mobie APP (iPhone, Blackberry and Android) and Sign-Up.
  • Phone: Call toll free 1-877-myPango (1-877-697-2646) from any mobile phone capable of receiving text messages and follow the IVR (interactive voice response) or the ASR (automatic speech recognition).

Once registered, Pango customers can immediately Pango (Pay&Go) by one of the following options:

  • Smartphone: Use your Smartphone with the Pango mobile APP installed on it.
  • Phone: Use any mobile phone, call toll free 1-877-myPango (1-877-697-2646).
  • Text:  Send a text message to (410) 779-3311 with the following “start [city] zone [zone] car [tag #]”; [to stop the parking session, send the word “stop” to (410) 779-3311].
  • Website: Visit, Sign-In to your personal account and park your car.

Signing-Up for Pango is easy, but to make the simple process even easier Pango has sent street team agents to assist the first consumers with the registration process. Wearing orange hats and shirts the street team agents will provide every new registrant with courtesy promotional items from Pango for a limited period of time.

After registering for Pango, every time a customer Pangos (Pay & Go) for parking they will be eligible to receive coupons from local businesses. Pango hopes that the discounts will benefit customers, businesses, and the City of Latrobe.

Latrobe is set to benefit from Pango. The city can reduce ongoing expenses, monitor all parking activities online, and save the capital expenditure required for updating parking facilities and various other elements of infrastructure. Likewise, Pango will help the city increase available charged parking spaces while also making parking enforcement easier and more controllable.

The high-tech parking system will also make Latrobe Eco-friendly by eliminating the need for paper parking tickets and street meters.

Customer satisfaction and the customer experience are our top priority.
Customers with questions, hesitations or requests may reach Pango by:

About Pango Mobile Parking

Pango Mobile Parking, which just recently entered the USA market, established in 2005, already serves more than 700,000 satisfied customers in more than 47 cities in Europe and Israel, some of them with more than 10,000 parking spaces generating more than 1,300,000 parking transactions per month.

The Pango system provides the smartest Pay-by-Phone management system for parking for municipalities and parking operators while providing seamless solutions for On-street, Off street, Gated garages, valet services and location based promotions.

The Pango system gives individuals the ability to Pay-by-Phone for parking and grants users complete control of their parking experience, including the ability to remotely add time, start or stop a parking session, receive timely text message reminders and customize their system to suit their needs.

The Pango system allows municipalities and parking operators to manage their parking assets more efficiently and effectively with no initial capital expenditure, reducing the ongoing costs, eliminating fraud and theft, enabling on-line control of the parking activity and the enforcement.

Pango has a proven record with the current operational cities in increasing the net revenue to the city in a very short period of time, while saving time and relieving stress for consumers.

Likewise, the Pango system helps cities eliminate the maintenance and collection costs of parking while providing the ability to apply Demand-Based-Pricing rates.

About the City of Latrobe

The City of Latrobe, a suburb of Pittsburgh is excited to go high-tech in order to give motorists another option to pay for parking at the city's 650 on-street metered spaces, parking lots and the parking garage (when the repairs and renovations are finished this summer).

The city will benefit because those using the Pango Pay-by-Phone system will be charged for all of the time they are parked at a space, thereby not getting any "free" parking time. While large cities have Pay-by-Phone parking systems in place, Latrobe might be the first of the smaller cities to institute such a system and to enter into the information technology stage.


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