Park Assist Introduces Added Business Intelligence Features and Parker-centric Conveniences through New Cloud Platform

Park Assist

Park Assist has announced a new cloud platform that will enable customers and partners to gain greater insights into parker preferences and behaviors and more control of their portfolio. Concurrently, the new platform will allow for more conveniences and services for parkers.

Dr. Ilan Goodman, Chief Technology Officer at Park Assist unveiled the added functionality on July 15, 2015 at our New York City headquarters stating, “Our next generation API will allow our clients and partners to create an unprecedented array of functionality for their business and for their customers.” Dr. Goodman introduced two new and three enhanced capabilities made possible by the new release that will be available to customers over the next few months. They are:


PARK FINDER, Park Assist’s unique Find-Your-Car™ feature introduced LPR technology to help parkers locate their vehicle. Now, with the advent of our next generation API, PARK FINDER will enable parkers to also find their car with an account number, ticket number or barcode. PARK FINDER will also include optional additional search prompts such as search by approximate arrival time or vehicle color to help simplify Find-Your-Car™ searches.

In addition, PARK FINDER will be able to provide parkers with three types of directions to their parking space. They are: Walking guidance with step-by-step directions from any location on the property to their car’s space. PARK FINDER will also provide driving directions from a garage entrance to an open parking space or a reserved parking space. In addition, PARK FINDER can be deployed in smart dashboard apps such as Apple CarKit and Android Auto. When interfaced with a smart dashboard app the driver can actually use a mapping app to not only get directions to a garage entrance but directions all the way to an empty parking space.

Lastly, PARK FINDER will also provide an interface for driverless cars to get directions to an empty parking space assigned automatically by the Park Assist system. By querying Park Assist’s API, autonomous vehicles will be directed to an empty space. The Park Assist system optimizes space allocation and places autonomous vehicles in areas less desirable to humans.


PARK INSIGHTS will now allow customers to consolidate analytics on a single platform. A retail client, for example, will be able to combine shopping analytics with garage data giving them a greater understanding of shopper preferences and behaviors. PARK INSIGHTS new functionality will allow customers to customize analytics in addition to having access to Park Assist’s traditional reporting such as occupancy, turnover, dwell time and traffic. These data can now be assimilated into third-party dashboards with other analytics to create more customer insight.


In addition to enabling operators to offer premium parking, PARK SELECT-RATE will now allow more flexibility in managing rates and bay LED colors while also updating signs with what rates are in effect at the time. Operators will be able to add, change, assign and delete rates as needed.


PARK RESERVE will allow third-party reservation system providers to reserve parking in a Park Assist garage. Drivers can make reservations by zone, bay type, or rate. LPR technology validates reservations, identifies violators (unauthorized parkers in a reserved area) and automatically triggers alerts.


Park Assist portfolio customers will now be able to unify their portfolio sites in a single app and easily manage which portfolio sites are visible to end users. PARK PORTFOLIO will better enable portfolio customers to offer programs to all their properties that will add value to the entire portfolio.

In addition to the five new and enriched capabilities made possible by Park Assist’s next generation API, the company has also announced the creation of a new developer program to make it easier than ever for developers to connect to and interact with the Park Assist system. Developers can sign on to an online portal where they will access documentation and code samples, register new apps, request support, receive automatic updates and even test their code against an online test server.

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Park Assist® is a business intelligence technology company that utilizes camera-based sensor applications to improve the parking experience. Park Assist’s camera-based sensor systems are highly regarded in over twenty countries around the globe for their ability to improve the overall parking experience. This year, Park Assist® celebrates 10 years as the global leader in parking sensor technology and the pioneer of camera based parking systems. Park Assist® is part of the TKH Group (Euronext: TWEKA), a $1.6 billion publicly traded company headquartered in the Netherlands. For more information, visit


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