Park Assist Share Knowledge About Parking Guidance On Parking Talks

Joe Ruggero, Executive Vice President of Park Assist

In our latest Parking Talks episode, we discussed the topic of Parking Guidance.

These systems are usually implemented to give drivers dynamic information about any given parking situation to reduce congestion and make the experience less stressful for the driver. A good parking guidance system is also beneficial to the operator of the car park. Joe Ruggero, Executive Vice President of Park Assist provided some more information on the topic.   

How Can Parking Guidance Systems Be Used to Create a Perfect Customer Journey?

"I would say it’s not just a parking guidance system as the actual asset but more looking holistically to the entire parking experience and using parking guidance, and other technologies, to facilitate that journey. We typically think of the parking journey as when you actually enter the asset. The parking journey begins far far before that; when you’re at home and you’re thinking of going down to the local shopping mall that’s really when the parking journey starts. You drive to the shopping mall, you get in the vicinity of the area – which entry of the asset are you going into? Then obviously parking guidance really takes over and guides that user to the individual space. That really is only the first half of the journey. While the vehicle is in bay, you’ve got the asset owner who is really then tapping into the journey – how long is that vehicle staying for? How long am I turning over those spaces per day? How can I help that customer get back to their vehicle in a frictionless way and also leave the asset and get back onto their own personal journey in a frictionless way so they are able to carry with them a positive experience?"

Can You Give Us an Example of Where You Have Seen a Really Successful Parking Guidance System?

"One of our customer’s has really taken a very unique and holistic approach to the customer journey and they’ve really invested time and money and experience to really understand what the customer wants in their parking journey and really setting that journey up to put the customer at the forefront and that is Scentre Group in Australia. We’ve been fortunate enough to have done multiple assets with them and they really look, not just at the entire parking guidance experience, but pulling all the disparate technologies and experiences in the garage into one very unified slick and frictionless experience. They do that because they know they have to compete with other retail centers and online shopping and so their goal is to truly create a frictionless, positive experience and it’s been a pleasure to partner with them in that."

Scentre Group Australia

What Can We Expect from Your Company This Year?

"There are a number of developments we are bringing to market this year. Even our existing customers are going to benefit from some of those things. We really partner with our clients in delivering to them an end-to-end parking platform that is future-proof. They’ve made that investment and we will be bringing on additional technologies and delivering them additional value. Also, I referenced before the different technologies that are at play in a garage and how can we unify these technologies and experiences into one holistic, personalized journey and you’ll see from us this year facilitating even further around our system and our sensors being that innovation hub to really power technology in the garage and power the customer experience."

Watch the full video below: 

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