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Parking Solutions Provider Deploys Pay by Plate at 100th Client Site

Pay by Plate parking has many obvious advantages. For instance, there is no need for motorists to walk back to their car to display their receipt, and there is no need to number every space. However, to many of us in the United States, Pay by Plate parking is a relatively new concept.

Parkeon, Inc. is leading the way with this technology and has recently deployed its 100th Pay by Plate system. The parking solutions provider now has over 3,000 multi-space parkingmeters around the globe running a Pay by Plate application.

Pay by Plate seems to know no borders as Parkeon clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Spain are taking advantage of its benefits. In the US, several Parkeon clients are utilizing Pay by Plate applications including The City of Las Vegas, Utah Transit Authority, and Texas Tech University.

The Las Vegas Pay by Plate application is meant to specifically manage food truck parking which is a very important initiative for the City's Parking Services Department. Texas Tech University was just awarded the National Parking Association's Innovative Organization of the Year for 2013, in part because of their cutting edge application, uParkCampus solution from NuPark, a software program that manages their license plate recognition (LPR) program. The Parkeon Pay by Plate system is integrated with the University's LPR system for fast enforcement of metered parking spaces. Mobile LPR has shown to yield as much as a 20 fold increase in parking efficiency compared with traditional enforcement methods.

Cities, operators, and universities are finding many different applications for Pay by Plate parking. Some Parkeon customers use Pay by Plate to offer a special rate structure unique to a license plate number. Others clients use Pay by Plate to offer free time to motorists. For example a city may want to offer end users 15 minutes for free once per day to allow for quick errands. Since the transaction is tied to the license plate number free time cannot be abused.

Another Pay by Plate application that Parkeon clients currently utilize is forced rotation. Forced rotation allows the motorist to only pay up to the maximum time limit. After that, the parking meter will not accept payment for that vehicle. This encourages the movement of the vehicle to another parking zone and increases parking turnover.

"We have definitely seen an increase in the number of customers and prospects asking us about Pay by Plate applications," said Sean Renn, Marketing Director for Parking North America. "Our clients benefit from our experience Europe and other parts of the world, which allows them to take advantage of special features we have already developed. Our system is very open and flexible so customers can feel confident that what they implement today, can be changed tomorrow to meet their needs."

For Pay by Plate applications to take off in the United States, motorists need to easily be able to input their license plate number. To address this need, Parkeon will be introducing a bar code reader application to their multi-space parking meters in 2014. This means that end users can scan a bar code representing their license plate number so they do not have to perform a manual input every time they want to park. This feature, along with the others previously mentioned, will ensure that Pay by Plate remains a hot trend in the parking industry.

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