The ticketing system of Besançon ‘Ginko’ transport network awarded to Parkeon and Vix Technology

After consulting companies specializing in this area, the 'Greater Besançon' has chosen the Parkeon and Vix Technology group to provide the new ticketing system that will equip the entire 'Ginko' network vehicles in 2014 and will expand to the tram in 2015.

The transit network of the 'Greater Besançon' will be strengthened by the arrival of a tram in 2015. From this perspective, the 'Greater Besançon' wanted a new ticketing system connection all the different modes of transportation, city buses, suburban buses and trams. By mid-2014, this new system will replace the current bus network, , then it will accompany the introduction of the tramway in 2015.

The new intermodal ticketing system uses the most modern technology, particularly through the application of a fully contactless ticketing system.

Even before the arrival of the tram, the traditional cardboard tickets will be abandoned in favour of contactless smart cards that will need to be presented in front of an electronic validator. This will result in time savings for travellers and more fluidity in terms of user traffic. As well as ease of use, this new ticketing system offers more services to users. For example, it will be possible to purchase and recharge their tickets directly over the Internet. For occasional trips, two opportunities will be created for travellers. The purchase of a ticket that can be used immediately and printed on thermal paper or the use of a rechargeable smart card.

Both companies from Besançon, Vix Technology and Parkeon have already collaborated on nearly 12 tram projects in France. As before , Parkeon will provide future ticket vending machines located in the tram stations while Vix Technology will be responsible for steering the project, provision of central ticketing system and the full equipment validation. A control solution that will allow Inspectors to check the tickets' validity will also be provided by Vix Technology.

The Parkeon equipment is supported by the latest generation of hard and software solutions. It combines technological innovation and recognised ticketing know-how.

  • All the machines have contactless targets and are simple and easy to use, thus meeting the expectations of end users;
  • A large touch screen clearly displays the information necessary for the journey;
  • A specific interface and an audio device facilitates access for the visually impaired;
  • The payment of the ticket is possible by contact and contactless credit card;
  • All the machines are compliant with disability requirements in terms of accessibility.

In the near future the ticketing system plans to integrate the purchase and validation of the tickets by mobile phone with the arrival of NFC technology. Prompted by the Ministry of productive Relief, the Great Besançon wants to commit to the development of digital and innovative technologies and Besancon is one of the 17 shortlisted projects.

"The awarding of this project has a special flavour, says Alain Combette, Commercial Director of Parkeon Transit. This is a strategic market for it is on our home territory and is a showcase for our company. For such a project to succeed, we need to take account of the constraints relating to the specificities and needs of our customer and take on board their requirements in terms of schedule".


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