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G4 Smart Sensor

Where the heck am I going to park?” That’s what people ask themselves every time they drive into any densely populated area. However, there are actually plenty of open parking spots, but those spots are hidden from view.

Every area has a cache of untapped parking inventory – businesses closed for the day, unused reserved parking spots, off-hours public building parking lots, and more. While these spaces are hiding in plain sight, it really hasn’t been cost-effective or practical to make them available to the general public.

Imagine if we could use all these spots when the owners want to make them available, simply and easily.

The new G4 Sensor from ParkHelp is the key to unlocking those spots.

G4: The New Standard in Parking Spot Detection

The key to optimizing parking has always been occupancy detection and parking guidance. For years, this has been widely available in indoor facilities, using Ultrasonic, Infrared, and Camera-based sensors.

This has worked well because indoor parking is a controlled environment – free from most severe weather, snowplows, extreme sun, and more. In addition, many occupancy systems are hardwired into a parking system. These conditions and technologies were impossible to replicate in outdoor environments and required infrastructure usually reserved for large amounts of parking spaces.

ParkHelp has been building parking sensors for more than a decade. The G4 sensor is our fourth-generation parking sensor – designed for indoor and outdoor single-space occupancy detection and guidance. The G4 provides:

  • Unrivaled accuracy: Uses both micro radar & magnetic field detection to detect car occupancy. Giving more than 99% accuracy.
  • Bluetooth enabled: To make direct communication with driver possible, allowing drivers to geolocate, reserve, and pay for parking spots.
  • Environmentally friendly: 8- to 10-year battery life, designed to be recyclable
  • Installed anywhere: Surface-mounted and flush-mounted options. Options for extreme weather conditions from desert heat to snow and freezing conditions and can be installed as part of a facility or standalone without any additional infrastructure.
  • Connectivity: All communications are using IoT standard LoRa (LAN) protocol for multi-space and LoRaWAN for single space connectivity.

ParkHelp’s G4 Sensor addresses all those issues, and more, giving businesses and metropolitan areas the power to control their parking inventory even at a single space level, unlocks unused parking spots, and creates fewer headaches for drivers.

Parkhelp Smart City

Building Smart Cities with G4

The next generation G4 sensors will make the outdoor parking guidance a reality, providing flexible and customizable infrastructure to turn cities into smart cities.

We start to unlock thousands of parking spots, the frustration of "where am I going to park?" becomes a thing of the past.

When drivers can find spaces to park that are safe and close to where they want to go, that makes cities a whole lot smarter and that’s only the beginning.

We envision a future where parking is a seamless operation – no meters, no websites, no smartphones. We are working towards full integration with your car’s navigation screen, giving you the power to locate, reserve, and even pay for parking spaces using just your car.

We know this is a few years off, but employing G4 sensor technology gets the world one step closer to a smarter world.

Changing the World, One Sensor at a Time

As the Global Leader in Parking Guidance Technologies, ParkHelp has been building digitized parking systems and traffic systems for cities, helping them build a stable foundation for all smart city applications.

Offering cities with the largest selection of IoT sensors, signage, and lighting systems on the market, ParkHelp’s innovative parking solutions help increase business, reduce traffic congestion and impress visitors — all while providing a revenue source for parking infrastructure maintenance.

Our new G4 outdoor sensor will revolutionize single-space sensing, able to detect occupancy in on-street and personal parking areas with very little infrastructure or installation. New Bluetooth communication features, outdoor RGB indicator and LED signage solutions, and the most powerful software and mobile app will power the next generation of sensors – providing better information with less set-up, and creating a touch-free driving and parking experience.

Are you ready to start changing the world, one parking spot at a time?

Contact ParkHelp.

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ParkHelp is a global leader in parking and mobility solutions. Headquartered in Barcelona with regional offices in the USA and Brazil, over 90% of our projects are carried out internationally. We have been creating and installing smart parking solutions for more than 10 years. With over 500,000 parking places in 50 countries, we are the global leaders in the parking and mobility solution.


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