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China’s poor air quality catalyst for eco-friendly parking solutions and increased implementation of EV charging stations


Pollution affecting drivers in China

With a population of over 1.3 billion people and an emerging economy allowing its citizens to purchase more and more vehicles, China’s air quality has seen steady decline. Just several weeks ago, on December 8, 2015, Beijing, China issued a ban on the use of private cars on the city’s streets for several consecutive days as air quality hit red alert status.

Needless to say, this makes the business of eco-friendly products such as electric cars and Smart parking products of monumental importance, and sets up its suppliers for augmented business growth.

EVs over 100 year history

Despite the appearance of EVs as a modern invention, they have had a presence on the market since their first production in the 1880s. After a brief revival in the 1970s and 1980s, the renaissance of the electric car began in 2008. Since then, China has become a leading manufacturer of all-electric vehicles.

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Increased demand for EV charging stations in China

The electric car industry now sits on the ‘The way of the future’ pedestal. This is perhaps nowhere more evident than in a country that needs it the most, China. The sale of electric cars is expected to rise across Asia this year, in turn increasing the demand for more EV charging stations in China.

David Wu - Keytop

 “China’s Electric Car industry has made great developments during the year of 2015, with sales hitting 220,000, the government now encourages car parks to build more electric charging station for the electric car” says Mr. David Wu, business development and marketing manager for Keytop

EV charging supplier seeks co-operation in China

Despite its over 100 year history, a large proportion of people don’t know much about the EV market or the ones that do view it as a luxury. Thankfully this is changing as China’s National Development and Reform commission and finance, science, and industry ministries announced subsidies for the purchase of EVs, aimed at reducing air pollution. Purchase subsidies for EVs are offered up to RMB 60,000 (8,417.62 Euros, 9,123.35 U.S. dollars).

Artur Sychov - is looking to expand into this burgeoning market. Artur Sychov, CEO of “We believe that in today's interconnected business world, cooperation between companies is essential for success and most importantly for customer satisfaction. We are strongly committed to cooperate with different partners across the globe. We are currently negotiating with Chinese companies who are currently actively searching for partner in EV segment. We hope that during this year we will announce some very exciting news in this regards”

Local parking industry supplier Keytop

Xiamen, China based parking industry product supplier, Keytop has developed many intelligent parking systems such as car parking sensor systems to increase the utilization rate of car parks, and improve urban traffic flow; this in turn having a direct impact on the environment. Mr. David Wu outlines the current situation, ”By 2015, The on-road quantity of cars in China was around two hundred and sixty million , most Chinese cities have the problem of parking. Take our city Xiamen, for example, many drivers need to spend around 15—20 minutes to find an available parking space, the more time the driver takes to find an available parking space, meaning high exhaust emissions pollution “

Clear solutions for unclear air

One such solution ”The Intelligent Parking Guidance system guides the motorist from the roads around the facility, through the process of selecting which parking area to use, to the floor with available parking, then to the aisle with the available parking, and finally to the empty parking bay. The eco-friendly parking guidance system has been proven to cut the customer's time-to-park in half, which means, a nearly 50% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions” says David Wu.

The air may be unclear but the solutions are clear; more Smart parking implementation and EVs “Electric mobility will be one of the key factors to minimize this problem in the upcoming years and to ease air and noise pollution in the critical areas. Moreover electric cars are much safer and fun to drive than their conventional siblings”, says Artur Sychov, CEO EASYCHARGE.Me.

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