Agendum Becomes PARKIUS As Rebranding Accompanies Exciting New Projects for 2019

PARKIUS to Become International Leader in Digitizing the Public Space for Cities

PARKIUS is a brand which better reflects the company’s wider ambition and international presence.

Agendum, a pioneer in digital parking enforcement, has today announced a major rebranding that captures the company’s international vision and ambition to expand its digitalization services. PARKIUS, the new company name for Agendum, will use expertise gathered over the past ten years, from the parking enforcement industry, to become an international leader in the digitalization and integration of city operations.

During the latter phase of 2018, Agendum welcomed Arthur van Wijck Jurriaanse, on board as CEO. Mr van Wijck Jurriaanse, who brought with him 25 years’ experience from the IT and internet industry, saw a great opportunity to expand the company’s leading position in digital parking enforcement to encompass the digitalization of the whole city environment.

Since working with Amsterdam to introduce the first digital solution for parking enforcement, almost a decade ago, Agendum has created a new market for digital enforcement solutions and maintained its position as a market leader. Recognizing the huge potential to expand Agendum’s services Mr van Wijck Jurriaanse introduces PARKIUS, a brand which better reflects the company’s wider ambition and international presence.

Mr van Wijck Jurriaanse explains, “PARKIUS as a name reflects both our international potential and our product. Currently, we operate not only in the Netherlands, but also the UK, Belgium, the Nordics, and the Middle East, and over the next five years, we will be looking further afield, to Asia and the US. So it is crucial for the company to have an easily identifiable name.

To accompany the new branding and company direction, PARKIUS is working on a number of exciting new projects, outside of parking enforcement. In The Hague, PARKIUS is working with the city on waste management and littering, helping them to understand the problems they are experiencing so that they can better inform the public. And, in Utrecht, PARKIUS is digitally monitoring road signs, to ensure that they remain in the correct location, unobstructed and in good condition.

It is a clear trend in cities, such as The Hague and Utrecht, to utilize existing hardware, often initially installed for parking enforcement, to monitor other aspects of city life, such as municipal waste and signage. This trend, driven by an increase in the demand for “big data”, where various data sources can be monitored and analyzed through a single source, opens up exciting opportunities for PARKIUS.

Mr van Wijck Jurriaanse explains, “As more and more cities begin the process of digitalizing their entire environment we look forward to playing the same guiding role, which we played as Agendum over the past ten years. It is our vision at PARKIUS, with this dynamic new branding in place, to lead cities into a smart future, just as we led cities away from manual to digital enforcement when we first started in the industry.

To find out more about how digital parking enforcement has developed over the past ten years, and for insights into the future trends within the enforcement industry, watch our interview with Arthur van Wijck Jurriaanse in full:


PARKIUSPARKIUS is the international leading advisor and solution provider of Digital Parking Enforcement working with major cities such as The Hague, Utrecht, London, Antwerp, and Helsinki. Formerly known as Agendum, an inventor of ANPR based parking enforcement, PARKIUS continues to innovate with its parking management and smart city solutions. The company is focused on sharing knowledge and experience to guide organizations through the transition into innovative, public-friendly and highly profitable parking operations while providing information management for continuous improvement and optimization.


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