Parkxper's Camera-Based PGS Transforms Parking at Xinzhuang Junior High School

Bringing Modern Technology to an Historic Part of the City

Parkxper have installed their ticketless ANPR solution and camera-based parking guidance to reduce congestion.

Xinzhuang Junior High School is surrounded by commercial buildings, residential buildings, and a popular night market. Besides all that, temples rated level 2 and 3 monuments in this area also attract thousands of visitors every week. Sitting right at the heart of the Xinzhuang District, the school’s parking lot is always packed. The parking lot has 277 parking spaces for cars and 41 for motorcycles, divided into general, parent and child, disabled, and EV parking spaces.

Vehicle congestion at the entrance and exit, as well as in the parking lot searching for vacant spaces has been bothering visitors on a daily basis. Luckily, Parkxper decided to step in with its cutting edge technologies.

To solve the issues that have been bothering this neighborhood for so long, the school implemented Parkxper's ticketless license plate recognition cameras at the gates, working alongside its auto payment stations. The camera-based parking guidance system smoothes the flow inside the parking lot as well.

The license plate recognition cameras detect a plate number within three seconds and open the gate automatically with a successful read. There is no need for a parking ticket or staff member at the entrance and exit, which not only solves the traffic problems but also avoids human contact.

Five images: night market, parking barrier, interior or parking garage, dynamic signs showing parking spaces, parking barrier with camera

The camera-based PGS helps the drivers to find a vacant space with its embedded LED indicator. Multiple colors have been set up for different driver identities. The smart sensors with LPR function also support quick car search.

The network-based LED signage shows available spaces from three different directions with a single device. The numbers are calculated by the camera-based PGS to give accurate information.

Aside from paying with cash at the auto payment station and the operating office, Parkxper also provides multiple choices of payment with its complete system. Credit card and app payment is available, while an E-ticket reader at the exit pole plays its role as well.

With its AI technologies in the form of ticketless ANPR, Camera-based PGS, and smart payment system, Parkxper introduces modern elements into the temple-surrounded, historic part of the city. The pleasant journey starts with the best parking experience.

About Parkxper 

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