Parkxper: EV Charging and Flap Management System - Guangchi-Parking Lot

The underground parking Lot has a total of 18 parking spaces equipped with EV chargers dedicated to EV cars.

Guangchi Parking Lot is a public parking lot located under the Guangchi Social Housing in Xinyi District, Taipei City. This public parking lot belongs to the community housing but is also open to outsiders.

image of a parking garageThe underground parking Lot has a total of 18 parking spaces equipped with EV chargers dedicated to EV cars. How to reserve parking spaces for electric cars and prevent nonelectric cars from using the spaces is a big headache to EV owners. Parkxper introduces the EV and Flap Management System to help solve this problem.

High Accuracy Rate LPR and Flap Boards

image of flap boardA flap board is installed in the electric parking space to reserve parking space for EV cars or white-listed cars. The most essential device from this management system is the LPR camera, which monitors each parking bay and reads license plate numbers. The LPR camera is embedded in the all-in-one LPR Pole and with its HD wide-angle view, which covers the whole parking bay including the flap board. The camera will detect the parking vehicle and the license plate number without any external trigger such as radar or IR sensor. Any cars with license plates starting with E or RE will be recognized and approved by the system, then the flap will go down automatically.

Unique E-Parking Management

image of a payment machineAll the parking data, such as parking time, license plate number, and charging time are transmitted back to the central control center. Parkxper’s E-Parking System also integrates with EV chargers, so the control center will know the electricity usage and status of the EV chargers. All the EV charging and parking information can be used for fee calculation. Car owners can go to the APS system directly to pay for both parking fees and charging fees instead of paying fees on multiple platforms.

Intercom with Live imagesimage of an intercom

For the effectiveness of the management, each LPR Pole comes with an IP intercom. Whenever a driver encounters any issues, he can press the button on the LPR pole and talk to the control center. The control center can see the live video of the driver and provide further assistance.


image of parking entrance/exitParkxper has been a pioneer in smart parking management solutions. As the outlook of electric vehicles is promising, we are staying one step ahead by providing smarter management solutions for our customers. Contact us for more applications and solutions information.

About Parkxper 

Parkxper is an innovative brand from a professional manufacturer and provider of IP CCTV solutions since 1992. We have over 20 years of experience in video processing, software, and hardware research and development. With our extraordinary expertise in video analytics, IP network infrastructure, and R&D, we provide our best value and service to customers like you.


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