Parkxper Installs Intelligent Outdoor Parking Guidance System at Zuoying Station

THSR Zuoying Station’s 3-story parking lot's 769 parking bays are now equipped with a Parkxper Intelligent Parking Guidance System

Being the union station of Taiwan High-Speed Railway, Taiwan Railway and the red line of the MRT with bus stops, Zuoying Station has provided the highest level of convenience for both citizens of Kaohsiung city and tourists.

Since Zuoying Station is located near the highway system, the needs of drivers will not be neglected. THSR Zuoying Station’s 3-story parking lot's 769 parking bays are now equipped with a Parkxper Intelligent Parking Guidance System. The outdoor parking area is also served by Intelligent PGS, under the close cooperation of Parkxper and Zuoying Station.

The LED Signage shows the directions to vacant spaces by numbers and arrows, which shortens the time to find a parking space, and therefore reduces air pollution.

The camera-based smart sensor indicates the space status with 8 colors of LED display. Green stands for a vacancy; red stands for occupancy; blue stands for disabled parking only.

4 images show exterior of railway station, a PGS light, LED sign and car finder kiosk

Zuoying Station installed the camera-based smart sensor in the outdoor parking area on the rooftop. With license plate recognition technology of the cameras, finding vehicles and keeping track of the parking lot usage is effortless for the managing team.

What’s more, with Parkxper Car Finder Kiosk, drivers can find their vehicles in no time by a simple act of inputting the license plate numbers. The pop-up E-map will show the route to your cars.

Cities around the world are on their way to transforming into smart cities, and Kaohsiung City is not planning on being left out. With Parkxper Intelligent Parking Guidance System equipped in THSR Zuoying Station, Kaohsiung City is on the right track.

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