Parkxper's Motorcycle Parking Guidance Implemented at New Taipei Civic Square

Parkxper's Motorcycle parking guidance system can detect motorcycles parked at any angle.

Taiwan has one of the highest density of motorcycles in the world, causing chaos in all motorcycle parking lots. Located in the heart of New Taipei City, beside the Banqiao railway and metro station, New Taipei Civic Square is surrounded by city hall, shopping malls, and residential buildings, making Taipei Civic Square the perfect location for people to park their motorcycles.

The New Taipei Civic Square parking lot, which is used by many as a park and ride facility, has 1,797 motorcycle spaces. Even though the spaces are enough, finding a space in a motorcycle parking lot without guidance is still very tough.

The motorcycle and population ratio in Taiwan is about 58% and so the amount of motorcycle parking spaces is increasing. However, it is stiff difficult to find a suitable parking space and so Parkxper came up with a camera-based parking guidance solution for motorcycle parking.

Motorcycles can be parked at any angle, which makes it harder for occupancy detection. But Parkxper's self-learning server only gets smarter and can detect motorcycles at every possible angle. Whether the motorcycle is parked head in or not, it can all be detected.

Parkxper installed LED indicator lights down the middle of the driveway while having detection cameras on two sides to provide riders a great parking experience. This prevents riders from circling the lot to look for parking spaces which also minimize carbon dioxide emission.

4 images show a parking guidance light indicator, parked motorcycles and a vehicle finder kiosk

In a packed parking lot, motorcycles are harder to find compared to cars. Thanks to Parkxper's Vehicle Finder Kiosk, finding your motorcycle is fast and easy. By inputting your license plate, the kiosk will then show you your motorcycle location with the fastest route available. Time is money, so no money should be wasted at a parking lot.

This solution solves the problem that riders been facing for years. Not only did it increase riders’ satisfaction rate, but it also increases the turnover rate while lowering the emissions.

About Parkxper 

Parkxper is an innovative brand from a professional manufacturer and provider of IP CCTV solutions since 1992. We have over 20 years of experience in video processing, software, and hardware research and development. With our extraordinary expertise in video analytics, IP network infrastructure, and R&D, we provide our best value and service to customers like you.


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