Newly Renovated Erchong Park Adopts Parkxper PGS for Tremendous Parking Experience

The parking lot is located under Erchong Park beside Erchong Floodway

The parking lot is located under Erchong Park beside Erchong Floodway in New Taipei City. As it is surrounded by older buildings without parking garages, there is always a shortage of parking spaces. The newly reconstructed Erchong Park is equipped with a baseball theme playground; from baseball-shaped slides to bat-shaped sand pits, making it a great children playground and recreation area for the neighbourhood. The underground parking lot has a total of 207 car and 54 motorcycle parking spaces. The parking lot adopts Parkxper parking guidance system, car finder kiosk, emergency intercom, and driveway video wall to create a convenient and safe parking experience for everyone.

View of a water parkLocation

The parking lot is adjacent to Erchong Water Park, Metropolitan Baseball Stadium and Lotus Floodway Park, etc. It provides a more diverse and leisure environment for different age groups, and it also mitigates the parking stress of local residents and visitors.

Intercom with red buttonEmergency Intercom IP Camera

There are emergency two-way audio and one-way intercoms at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. When a driver needs assistance at the entrance or exit, he can simply press the bright red button on the intercom to communicate with the management room. The operator can view remotely and respond immediately for better service.

Red sensor in underground parking lotCamera-based Parking Guidance System

The PGS’s vacancy LEDs installed in the middle of the lane give drivers an easy view of the parking spaces’ vacancy status. In a fully packed parking lot, seeing green LED helps drivers to find empty lots intuitively and easily. Reserved parking spaces such as handicap, parent & children spaces have dedicated LEDs (up to 8 colours to choose from) under them.

Green car finder kioskCar Finder Kiosk

Through the parking guidance system combined with the car finder feature, finding your car is easier than ever before. The driver can search for their car location according to their license plate number, time of entry or parking space number on the Car Finder Kiosks. For first time visitors, this is where Car Finder Kiosk comes in handy.

Screen with camera above it
Driveway Video Wall

The tight two-way parking ramp can be very dangerous when cars yield and cross each other in an indoor parking lot. With the driveway video wall, it alerts the driver ahead of time for oncoming traffic through the monitor.

Screen divided in multiple views

CCTV System

Security cameras were placed around the parking lot, from the car park entrance to the payment machines to the elevator hall; giving the operator total control of the parking lot right from the management room. If any incidents happened, all the recording footage will be available for playback as evidence.

A great family day at Erchong Park starts with a smooth parking experience and Parkxper is ready to hit more home runs than other parking lots.

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