Parkxper Completed Parking Guidance System Installation on over 20 Carrefour Branches at One Time

Parkxper Completed Parking Guidance System Installation

Carrefour, the multinational retailer, provides car park as the part of its supermarket for the guests. Parkxper recently installed self-developed parking guidance solution in 25 Carrefour branch stores (8000 spaces) from northern to southern Taiwan. With the upgrade on the parking facilities, hassle-free parking experience has brought positive feedback from customers and brings direct benefit on sales.

Carrefour is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world and one of the largest chains in Taiwan. Owning 88 branch stores in Taiwan and most of the them have car parks. Parking lot congestion is a big problem for daily operations.

To optimize the parking quality, Carrefour chose Parkxper’s solution. The goal is to ease the pain for the guests on wasting time to find the parking space.

Parxper introduces self-developed imaged-based parking guidance system to Carrefour. With camera-based LED indicator, drivers can be easily leaded to available spaces. Dynamic signage also perfectly guides drivers to a right lane, so customers don’t need to detour around the parking lot.

In addition, Parxper provides a foolproof way for the customers to find cars with Telexper E-map design guidance route system. It locates drivers’ cars on a map and provides the section, level and parking space number of the cars.

Within 3 months installation, 8,000 parking spaces have been renovated. This decision brings each Carrefour store a smooth flow of parking vehicles. Parking within a minute is no longer a fiction.

Parxper’s future-proof techniques bring revolutionary change for each Carrefour store. After receiving fully positive feedback from the customers and significant growth on revenue, now Carrefour is looking to install Parkxper’s system on the rest of branches around Taiwan.

About Parkxper 

Parkxper is an innovative brand from a professional manufacturer and provider of IP CCTV solutions since 1992. We have over 20 years of experiences in video processing, software & hardware research and development. With our extraordinary expertise in video analytics, IP network infrastructure and R&D, we provide our best value and service to customers like you.


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