Taipei City Mall Implemented Parkxper PGS

Parkxper PGS at Taipei City Mall

Being the high-speed rail, MRT, and rail lines hub of the Taipei metropolitan area, Taipei Main Train Station not only provides a convenient environment for daily commuters, tourists and field workers but also creates a huge business district around it. This business district located underneath the main stripe is the Taipei City Mall.

Shopping mall with shops either side of wide corridorAs thousands of visitors coming in and out of the station, the usage of parking lot becomes extremely crowded and vacant space becomes hard to find.

In order to optimize the 400 parking spaces in Taipei City Mall, the parking manager appointed Parkxper to design the latest Parking Guidance System.

The vivid color of the vacancy LED directs the driver to the closest parking space, and therefore minimizes the congestions inside the parking lot and gain more time for visitors to walk to the station platform.

Besides the vacancy LEDs, the digital signage LEDs display available space quantity at each intersections to guide visitors effectively to the area with empty spaces. All of the devices are IP-based, so the information are updated simultaneously.

Matrix sign in MandarinA lot of people forget where they parked in this complex underground parking structure, so Car Finder Kiosk came in handy to guide the driver to his parking space. The self-service, user-friendly E-map display with route design greatly relieve the workload of the staff on site.

Parkxper intelligent parking guidance system increases the parking turnover rate tremendously, allowing more cars to park and bringing in impressive income for both parking lots and the business district.

About Parkxper 

Parkxper is an innovative brand from a professional manufacturer and provider of IP CCTV solutions since 1992. We have over 20 years of experiences in video processing, software and hardware research and development. With our extraordinary expertise in video analytics, IP network infrastructure and R&D, we provide our best value and service to customers like you.


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