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Underground Parking at Chengde Park, Taipei City

PARKXPER and the Taipei City Department of Transportation adopted “License Plates Recognition” and “Smart Payment system”

PARKXPER and the Taipei City Department of Transportation adopted “License Plate Recognition” and a “Smart Payment system” to parking facilities in order to bring a tap-free and stretch-free parking experience. Scooter riders can now avoid all kinds of troubles when entering/exiting a facility. Citizens can join 3A membership on the PayTaipei App and link with their license plate numbers to automatically deduct parking fees in a blink.

Path in the park


The underground parking facility of Chengde Park is located close to Shilin Night Market and Shilin Sports Center, which is well planned with dedicated parking spaces for those with infants, disabled parking spaces, and EV charging stations. It provides convenient parking for people’s needs.

Automatic Payment Station 
Yellow payment station

In addition, to pay in cash, an automatic payment station can also adapt with multiple ways of paying styles. Linking is done with diverse mobile payment apps to deal with your parking fee just by scanning a QRCode.

Camera-based Parking Guidance System 
Garage with red light up sensor

When a Camera-based Parking Guidance System detects an occupied parking space, the LED light will turn red, green for vacant, pink for parent and infant parking only, blue for disabled only, white for EV charging, and yellow for large displacement motorcycle.

Dynamic LED Signage 
Underground garage with LED signs

Our Dynamic LED Signage can set up to 3 directions, according to the lanes, in order to help car owners quickly find their vehicles. Fuse with our Camera-based Parking Guidance System, the LED Signage can also display the numbers of various vacant parking spaces.

Car Finder Kiosk 
Kiosk with screen in the parking garage

By merging with our Camera-based Parking Guidance System, drivers can easily find where they parked their vehicles by entering their parking information at the Car Finder Kiosk.

Emergency Intercom IP Camera 
Intercom camera

There are emergency two-way audio and one-way video intercoms at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. When a driver needs assistance at the entrance or exit, he can simply press the bright red button on the intercom to communicate with the management room. The operator can view remotely and respond immediately for better service.

About Parkxper 

Parkxper is an innovative brand from a professional manufacturer and provider of IP CCTV solutions since 1992. We have over 20 years of experience in video processing, software, and hardware research and development. With our extraordinary expertise in video analytics, IP network infrastructure, and R&D, we provide our best value and service to customers like you.


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