Digital Parking Solutions from Peter Park Help Parking Reach for Sustainable Mobility

Digital Parking Solutions from Peter Park Help Parking Reach for Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility forms an essential part of a sustainable future for the planet. With a growing global population and continuous urbanization, an increase of people who can and will afford a personal vehicle is anticipated to grow. This imposes challenges to ecological sustainability. Through the digitalization of all parking processes, Peter Park is helping parking operators unlock new potential in regard to sustainable mobility infrastructure.

In its latest projects, Peter Park has enabled the digitization of parking spaces through privacy-compliant license plate recognition (ALPR/ANPR) and parking space management software.

Limit Land Sealing: More Efficient Use of Parking Spaces

As on-street parking spaces are increasingly being converted into space for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as green living areas, parking spaces become sparser and off-street parking spaces become increasingly important.

Peter Park’s digital parking management is helping to support municipalities with precisely this trend by enabling more efficient use of existing off-street parking spaces through dynamic utilization control. In this way, the emerging need for additional off-street parking capacity can be met by optimizing existing infrastructure instead of having to build new parking garages to compensate for the loss of on-street parking spaces.

Residents Park at the Supermarket at Night

Resident parking at supermarket facilities has already been implemented by Peter Park in numerous customer projects. Thousands of retail parking spaces are empty and blocked after closing time, while residents without a fixed parking space are looking for a parking space for the night.

With Peter Park's digital parking system, supermarket parking spaces can be opened for residents without the use of barriers, vending machines, or manual inspection. Residents purchase their digital parking permits via an app. License plate recognition checks whether the specified period for resident parking has been observed. This significantly reduces the need for additional parking space and also evening parking search traffic, and makes efficient use of existing parking space.

Parking Without Barriers: Ticketless and Digital

With Peter Park's license plate recognition, barriers are no longer necessary, as the parking process can be recorded and controlled without the classic paper tickets. In addition to parking machines, parking apps can also be integrated via Peter Park. This allows drivers to pay for and adjust their parking digitally. In addition to paper tickets, this also eliminates the need for printed payment receipts. Barrier-free parking also has the advantage that fast entry and exit prevent backups.

About Peter Park 

peter parkPeter Park is a digital parking system for parking space operators. It includes an automatic license plate detection and a cloud-based operator dashboard. The system allows for fully automated parking space surveillance, flexible adjustment of system settings by the operator, platform integrations with leading mobility services, and continuous, data-based optimization of space utilization and customer value.


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