Peter Park: How to Increase the Attractiveness of Parking Areas Even for Non-Car Drivers

Increase the Attractiveness of Parking Areas

E-scooters, cyclists, charging stations - urban traffic today includes much more than just passenger cars. Intelligent traffic management not only has to meet the requirement of supporting inner-city mobility, but also promoting urban quality of life. This is where parking areas can play a central role. They offer the possibility of tapping a great potential by creating a comprehensive offer that appeals to different interest groups and reconciles the needs of commuters, residents, and commerce.

E-Charging Stations

The transformation of the parking area into a mobility hub offers operators the opportunity to meet the expectations of various stakeholders and create new revenue potential. The first steps for smart mobility in cities have already been set. From 2025, parking lots in Germany will be required to provide e-charging stations to counteract the existing shortage. Users of e-scooters, e-bikes, and electric cars often face the problem that there are simply too few e-charging columns and charging stations for these modern means of transport. Parking area operators who are already upgrading their parking areas are well prepared for the increasing demand and are setting a decisive milestone toward the mobility of the future.


Rising gasoline prices and the growing environmental awareness of the general population are causing new car purchases to be reconsidered more critically than before. More and more people are therefore turning to car-sharing services. However, this does not necessarily mean that classic parking facilities are less in demand. By supplementing the parking area, carsharing cars can be optimally integrated into the mobility mix.

Pick-up Stations

"Unfortunately, we were unable to deliver the parcel to you today." For people on the go during the day, parcel stations are often the most convenient solution for reliably receiving orders and being able to pick them up at any time. For parking operators, it's another way to expand parking space by extending the services offered to residents - regardless of whether they own or use a car - and thus tap into new revenue potential.

Advantages for Cities and Municipalities

In addition to the benefits for operators and users, the expansion of a parking area into a mobility hub also results in some positive effects for cities and municipalities. Smart traffic management relieves the pressure on city streets and the integration of alternative mobility offers can reduce parking pressure. A well-developed charging infrastructure makes any city or municipality attractive to visitors and fit for the future.


A wide range of means of transport can lead to fewer cars on the roads in our cities, and new purchases may be reconsidered. This reduces both CO2 and noise pollution. By making efficient use of existing parking space, on-street parking areas can be converted to bike lanes or planted to provide a higher quality of life. Rethinking on-street parking spaces into mobility hubs offers a variety of promising and sustainable options that make our daily lives easier and improve the cityscape.


Making one's parking area attractive to other user groups as well as motorists brings with it a number of advantages. In addition to increased customer convenience, new revenue potential, and the impact on sustainability, the focus is also on flexibility in the face of new developments and technologies. A digital parking system can be the first step in making a parking area ready for the future and setting it apart from the competition.

About Peter Parkpeter park 

Peter Park is a digital parking system that eliminates the need for parking tickets, barriers, and parking discs. Peter Park System GmbH transforms parking lots into mobility hubs by providing parking lot operators and municipalities with automatic license plate recognition and cloud-based management software. The system from Munich was launched in 2019 and is already available in Germany and Austria.


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