Peter Park Contributes to Sustainable Traffic Control with Digital Car Park Management

The Peter Park solution allows supermarket parking lots to remain open for residents without the need for barriers, kiosks, or manual control.

How can digital parking lot management contribute to the development of more sustainable traffic management? Peter Park enables the digitalization of parking spaces through a data protection-compliant license plate recognition system, which is linked to the Peter Park smart parking platform.

How does this solution work? Each car’s license plate is scanned when entering the car park. The driver pays for his stay at the parking lot via a parking app, or at local parking kiosk by simply entering his license plate number. Finally, the license plate recognition scanner checks at the exit of the car park the validity of the vehicle’s parking and payment. This allows the operator to gain real-time data insights and easily manage available and occupied parking spaces on a web dashboard. Furthermore, the potential for a more sustainable mobility infrastructure gets unlocked.

On-street parking areas in municipalities are increasingly transformed into lanes for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as green living areas. This means that the importance of off-street parking increases. Digital car park management supports precisely this positive trend: existing off-street parking spaces can be utilized more efficiently through dynamic usage control. The need for additional off-street parking capacity, resulting from the reduction of parking spaces on the side of the road, can be compensated by this increase of off-street parking space efficiency.

By enabling nighttime parking at retailers’ parking areas, the solution also fulfills the requirement of providing more on-demand parking spaces for local residents. Thousands of parking areas in the retail sector remain empty and blocked after closing time, while residents without any fixed parking place compulsively search for free overnight parking spots.

The Peter Park solution allows supermarket parking lots to remain open for residents without the need for barriers, kiosks, or manual control. Residents can acquire their digital parking permit via an app and the license plate recognition system automatically checks whether the specified period for resident parking has been observed. Therefore, the need for new parking lots and the evening quest for an empty parking space is significantly reduced.

When it comes to parking, customers are still used to barriers and paper tickets. The license plate recognition system from Peter Park replaces barriers with digital management of parking spots: the parking process can be registered and monitored without the need for any paper tickets. A smart kiosk enables the customer to pay for his stay. In addition, parking apps can be integrated with Peter Park, allowing drivers to pay for their parking stay digitally through different payment channels. Without paper tickets and printed payment vouchers, Peter Park contributes to the development of a more sustainable parking industry.

Peter Park uses license plate recognition scanner technology as well as an intelligent parking space management software that enables the car park manager to make full use of the possibilities of dynamically used car park. Partnerships with parking apps also allow customer-friendly and sustainable payment options. Contact us without any obligation and get advice on digital parking space management with Peter Park.

About Peter Park 

We are digitizing off-street parking by providing parking lot operators with cloud-based parking peter parkmanagement software, automatic license-plate recognition (ALPR), and mobile payment options. We empower our customers to centrally manage their car parks via an individual dashboard. This allows us to seamlessly integrate new digital technologies into the parking ecosystem, e.g. parking apps, smart kiosks, and other mobility services. 50+ parking lots in over 30 cities in Germany already run with Peter Park.


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