PIXEVIA: Artificial Intelligence-based Smart Parking Needs Only a Security Camera

PIXEVIA is a widely known artificial intelligence company, which has presented its computer vision solutions at the largest AI events both in the US and Europe

PIXEVIA: Artificial Intelligence-based Smart Parking

This year, PIXEVIA will be at the Parkex 2018 Expo (stand no. H17) and will present its smart parking solution, which is based purely on off-the-shelf cameras and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. ANPR cameras, barriers, occupancy sensors and other expensive parking lot solutions are old news for the company, which brings the newest advancements in computer vision and data science to parking lots around the world.

PIXEVIA’s parking solution boasts several complex features, among them: real-time parking lot occupancy monitoring and routing, number plate recognition, fee enforcement and precise car position estimation.

Parking lot occupancy and routing in real-time 

The system precisely maps each parking spot by using multiple security cameras. A single camera can cover up to 100 parking spots, and real-time information about available places can be provided on street displays or apps for car routing.


Number plate recognition and fee enforcement

The solution can use simple security cameras to recognize license plates, compare them to the payment information, and find car owners who haven't paid for the parking.

Precise car position estimation, advanced AI algorithms

The precise detection mode allows the system to detect every pixel of a car. It accurately calculates empty space between cars in parking lots that have no visible markings.

Benefits of using the PIXEVIA Smart Parking solution

Easy to deploy and cost-effective

  • Can use your current security cameras
  • Combines information from dozens or hundreds of cameras
  • A single camera can observe up to 100 parking spots
  • Flexible and can be integrated with various software
  • Battle-tested in winter, snow, and heavy rain conditions
  • Pixevia’s artificial intelligence engine has been presented at the biggest AI events around the world

Financially beneficial

  • Uses number plate recognition for fee enforcement
  • No need to send an employee to manually check whether every parked car is paid for
  • Gets real-time occupancy data
  • Uses historical information to predict future vacancy

Improves customer satisfaction

  • Faster car guidance in the parking lot
  • Lets customers know which parking spots are empty via on-street displays, apps or a website
  • Detects anomalies like drag racing or illegal gatherings

Find out more about PIXEVIA and its smart parking solutions at the Parkex 2018, Ricoh Arena, stand no. H17.


PIXEVIA - artificial intelligence-based smart city solutions company. PIXEVIA uses simple security cameras to analyze the real world. It's proprietary algorithms can precisely detect different everyday objects like cars, number plates, people, faces, consumer goods. Gathered intelligence is used to empower companies to achieve new levels of operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Company started in 2015 as an AI and computer vision company for a Lithuanian Ministry's of Defence project. After the project ended, computer vision software was commercialized for a smart parking lots, retail shops and other smart city applications.


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