Exciting Announcement from PolaGIS: Parking Data for Boston Is Now Available

PolaGIS has collected and digitalized curbside and parking data for the entire city of Boston

Parking proves to be one of the greatest inconveniences in our modern lives. Countless hours are spent searching for parking in the last mile of your trip to the grocery store or restaurant, while hundreds of millions of dollars are paid for parking tickets and traffic violations. The source of the problem lies not in a lack of parking space but rather, a dearth of parking information.

The root of this issue lies in the nonexistence of a comprehensive set of parking information, even though governments supposedly have access to such data. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that it is either extremely costly, time-consuming, or both, to obtain parking information and no one has yet to come up with an efficient way of doing so.

Boston, one of the oldest cities in the United States, experiences tremendous traffic and parking-related issues on a daily basis. The complex streets are difficult to navigate and moreover, the rules for each parking space on even the same street or block are often unclear. However, PolaGIS has decided to face this problem head-on: we have already collected and digitalized the comprehensive curbside and parking data for the entire city of Boston! This is our first step to solve the parking conundrum.

You Might Ask, What is Considered Parking Data?

Our parking data contains accurate and precise on-street and off-street information for every parking space in the city or town that you reside. On-street information encompasses the spatial locations, rules, and rates of each parking space, meter, or sign, while off-street information contains the spatial locations of entrances and exits, as well as rules and rates of every parking garage or parking lot.

Parking Data Map of Boston, US

As grandiose of a feat as we have accomplished, our hope is that this is not merely the end to a means but rather, the start of a new age in urban mobility. Using our data, local governments will be able to better enforce parking and manage city planning in and around the city; car companies jockeying for position in the autonomous vehicles industry will be able to develop more reliable high definition maps; and drivers such as yourself will soon have access to the most accurate parking locations and rules at your fingertips before even setting foot inside your car!

What’s Next?

We will continue to collect and process curbside and parking data for the major cities of the United States, given the growing importance and demand for parking data. We hope that more and more people will not only realize that parking information is an urgent matter today but a necessity as we embrace for an autonomous future.

PolaGIS, as a multinational map data provider, groups an elite team of experienced software engineers and GIS scientists to ensure the quality of map data. Our endeavors are set with the mindset of laying the foundations for the future of urban mobility and autonomous driving. In order for such a future to be realized, the availability of parking and street-level information becomes imperative, for the sake of both the effectiveness and safety of autonomous vehicles. Thus, we continue to expand our data, while keeping in mind this big picture of the transportation industry. We take tremendous pride in supporting next-generation driving and are excited for what the future holds!

We invite you to contact us for more information on our data products.

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Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, PolaGIS specializes in collecting and providing map data with high accuracy and efficiency. Utilizing deep learning and computer vision, we are able to extract map features from satellite and street-level imagery, informing the development of innovative maps for smart parking and geospatial services for the automotive vehicle industry.


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