Q-Free Celebrates Milestone Installation in Israel

Q-Free Celebrates Milestone Installation in Israel

Over the last eight years, Q-Free, along with our local partner MetalParking (part of the Metalpress Group) out of Bat Yam Israel, has provided over 50 parking guidance systems (PGS) at locations in Israel ranging from shopping center installations like the Azrieli Group Malls, to mixed-use installations such as the Millennium Tower, and employee installations like Intel in Haifa. “We have been very fortunate to work so closely with such a great local partner,” says Dave Radford, Vice President and Managing Director of Q-Free Boston. “Over the years we have delivered and installed over 40,000 Q-Free single space sensors with their support. MetalParking is an integral reason why Q-Free is one of the top providers for PGS systems in Israel.”

In a country driven by pricing levels, high accuracy and system robustness are still an important project requirement.  Q-Free PGS products are all manufactured in North America, guaranteeing the required high production standards. The ultrasonic technology of the Q-Free sensors additionally provides the highest accuracy in the market. Ofir Janach, COO at MetalParking agrees, “In the last eight years, we have proven to the Israeli market that the Q-Free PGS systems provide the highest accuracy and are very robust while also meeting competitive pricing levels. These are the reasons why we were selected to provide a system for the Ben Gurion Airport, which is the main international and busiest airport in the country.” The installation of over 2,000 Q-Free single space sensors and wayfinding signs was recently completed. This is a showcase installation for Q-Free and MetalParking with the potential addition of future garages and surface lots.

With installations in the private and public sector, Q-Free is excited about the future of this long-term relationship with MetalParking, delivering reliable PGS systems for efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly transportation to the Israeli market, thus changing the movements of life one parking installation at a time.

About Q-Free 

Q-Free is a leading global supplier of class-leading Tolling, Parking, Traffic Management and Connected ITS (C-ITS)/Connected Vehicle solutions. To us, a society with less congestion, pollution and accidents is achievable through smart and innovative transportation solutions. Our Parking Guidance systems are installed in over 350+ locations globally at airports, hospitals, convention centers, universities, transit stations, employee garages etc. reducing the hassle and traffic caused by drivers looking for parking, consequently helping the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. With one of the most flexible system approaches in the market, ranging from individual space sensor installations to budget friendlier per garage level/total space count installations, Q-Free can satisfy any customer requirement. Contact us today to see how we can help solve your parking problems!

About Metalpress

Metalpress, which was established in 1946 by the industrialist Emanuel Nissimoff and his son Nissim Nissimoff, is engaged in the development and manufacturing of accessories for ventilation and air-conditioning. The Company raised the banner of advanced development and high-quality manufacturing and is currently a leader in its field. In addition, it has a reputation of innovation, quality, and excellence in service as a result of its success in the Israeli market.

MetalParking from Metalpress group specializes in advanced smart parking systems for parking garages. The company installs and operates Quick Park (“Red ‘n Green”) systems, which help drivers to quickly locate available parking spots in garages and in surrounding areas. These systems use ultrasonic detectors, advanced controllers, LED signs, control software and a dedicated server by Q-Free TCS, the world leader in this field. MetalParking is the country’s largest installer of these systems and its products are installed in most malls in Israel. The company also offers smart ventilation systems for parking garages. Metalpress is the only company that offers a comprehensive solution for optimal system design, production and installation at the customer’s site. The composition of the ventilation and smoke evacuation systems supplied by Metalpress varies from building to building, depending on the specific design and architecture.


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