Quick Parking Elevates Travel Experiences with Seamless Airport Parking Integration

We offer affordable airport parking options directly into the booking flow.

Today, we want to share some business insights we have gathered over 11 years of working in the parking industry.

During these 11 years, we have learned some valuable lessons, and one of the most important ones is that convenience is key. This is true in almost every industry. In our fast-paced world that is marked by rapid changes and demands, the significance of convenience and efficient solutions in everyday life continues to grow. The ability to offer customers convenience will create value. We would like to highlight the effect of convenience in the travel industry.

Consider your own travel experiences, whether you are going sun-seeking in Greece or hiking in the Alps. The goal of your vacation is to enjoy your free time stress-free. A big factor in enjoying your vacation stress-free is convenience.

Creating convenience for travelers revolves around reducing effort while expanding options. At Quick Parking we're committed to helping our partners achieve this. How do we do this? By seamlessly integrating airport parking options into the booking process.

Now picture this scenario: You are planning a vacation and you book your flight and stay with the same organization - very convenient, right? Yet after booking, you still have some things to sort out, one of them being: how are you going to get to the airport? You have a couple of options: you can book a taxi, take the train, or reserve a parking space on the airport’s website and pay a premium. All great options, but none offer convenience.

We help solve this problem. We offer affordable airport parking options directly into the booking flow. Now, alongside your flight and hotel reservations, you can seamlessly opt for airport parking, even at a lower cost compared to standard airport parking. With one click everything is taken care of.

That sounds great, right? We also want to share the outcome of offering convenience to illustrate its significance. Through collaborative research with our partners, we’ve witnessed airport parking conversion rates surge from as low as 0,2% to a remarkable 10%. We can conclude that more travelers are opting to reserve parking spaces due to the inherent convenience of doing so.

The bottom line is clear: Prioritizing convenience for your customers is key to delivering the ultimate experience. Curious about how we can elevate the convenience for your travel company? Don’t hesitate to reach out and send us a message! We are always looking for new partners. Let's explore the possibilities together!

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About Quick Parking

Quick Parking

Quick Parking (Global Airport Parking Network) offers international airport parking at official airport car parks and 'off airport' car parks. Quick Parking's message is "Affordable parking with great comfort". We have full coverage of airport car parks in Europe, North America and Canada with partners that will go live on our website in a few weeks. Australia will be added to our coverage in the fourth quarter of 2023.


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