RISETEK: Eight Benefits of Implementing an Online Permitting Solution

An online parking permitting system allows parking asset management to issue parking permits anytime and from any location.

An automated, connected, rules-based permitting platform provides the parking asset owner, community associations, and operators the tools for a self-permitting process, tracking inventory, flexible payment processing options, managing revenue & much more. The implementation of an online parking permitting system can have a significant positive impact on parking dynamics.

Here Are Eight Key Benefits:

  • Reduces administrative headaches: An online parking permitting system allows parking asset management to issue parking permits anytime and from any location. Eliminating the need for manual paper registration, manual issuance of parking permits, stickers, hangtags, key fobs, and spreadsheet data entry, making for a faster and more efficient permitting process.
  • Improved data collection and reporting: By utilizing an automated permitting platform, parking asset managers are able to easily collect accurate data on parking operations, permit holders (vehicle and contact information), parking history, and revenue. Data provides the information to make educated business decisions, including the ability to identify parking offenders and take appropriate action promptly.
  • Consistent enforcement: An online automated parking permitting system coupled with stationary or mobile LPR (License Plate Recognition) provides directed real-time enforcement, ensuring consistent parking policy enforcement while creating a database of violations, citations, towed vehicles, revenue generated from enforcement, etc.
  • Increased security: Deploying an automated permitting solution coupled with stationary License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology at the entrance/exit of the property will provide real-time email/text notifications of unpermitted or unpaid vehicles on the property. Those notifications can be sent directly to the community’s patrol, an enforcement or towing company to warn, ticket, immobilize (boot), or tow the violator. This proactive approach provides huge security benefits by immediately identifying vehicles that should not be in the garage, lot, or community while documenting all vehicles in/out with a date, time, and duration of stay. All important information for law enforcement is if vandalism, theft, or altercations occur on the property.
  • Increased parking availability: Parking asset managers can quickly pinpoint parking permit or transient parking availability within the garage, lot, community vs allotted spaces ensuring the parking asset is available for parkers who are credentialed to use the parking spaces.
  • Cost savings and revenue increase: Eliminating hang tags, stickers, paper registration, and key fobs reduce not only the cost but the amount of consumables, thus reducing their environmental impact. Streamlining the parking permit issuance, payments, monitoring, and data integrity, parking asset managers may focus their energy on revenue-generating responsibilities not administrative tasks. Additionally, monthly group accounts are automatically invoiced with past due A/R invoices tracked with a single source reporting companywide.
  • Exceptional parker experience: Implementing a smart online permitting platform provides an easily accessible way for parkers to update their vehicle, payment, contact information without involvement of the parking asset manager. Additionally, the parking asset manager has ability to respond quickly to parking permit requests and inquiries from any device, for any location with one username and password. This helps to improve customer satisfaction by making it easier for residents to obtain their specific permit in a timely manner without face-to-face interaction.
  • Streamlined communication: An automated online permitting system allows parking asset managers a quick tool to inform permit holders of changes and updates to parking policies, helping to keep them informed to ensure parking policy compliance remains consistent.

Clients who have implemented the “right” online automated permitting solution within a municipality, a parking operation, or a community association have confirmed the benefits shared above. When researching which automated online permitting platform is the “right” fit for your operation please ensure the solution delivers the following:

  • One source access to manage all permitted locations
  • Platform access from any web-enabled device, at any time, using only one username and password
  • Self-administration, not only for individual parkers, but also for “Tenant Representatives”
  • Innovative reoccurring payment methods including Credit Card, Pay Pal, Venmo or ACH

Are you interested in optimizing the performance of your Residential, Apartment, or Community Association’s parking enforcement program with an online permitting solution? Contact us or email us at sales@risetekglobal.com‎‎ to find out how we can help.


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