RISETEK: Going Frictionless Requires an Intelligent Solutions Provider

RISETEK collaborated with NAP leadership to craft a custom solution that met the needs of a diverse tenant base.

With five parking garages (4159 spaces) servicing a high-end mixed-use environment, the decision by North American Properties (NAP) to remove a million-dollar traditional gated PARCS was not an easy one.

The high cost of equipment repairs and maintenance, combined with the poor customer experience and inflexibility of their legacy equipment, led them to take a leap to go “frictionless.” With proper tenant and customer engagement and messaging, the conversion to a gateless revenue collection and enforcement approach at the Ridge Hill Mall in Yonkers, NY, was achieved.

RISETEK collaborated with NAP leadership to craft a custom solution that met the needs of a diverse tenant base. Flexibility was the key to ensuring a convenient approach to permit employees and offering a varied assortment of validations and parking fee payment options while delivering accurate facility occupancy/utilization data for NAP.

"Coming from a gated ticket issued PARCS system to integrating a gateless LPR parking system. RISETEK can customize daily revenue reports and set parameters to your client and location’s needs. RISETEK has been the backbone of the parking revenue success. Plus, having RISETEK call center and assisting our daily customers and guest has been a positive support system. RISETEK, VERGE, ParkLync and Boot Vision integration system are seamless and easy to navigate. If you are thinking about going gateless at your property, you need the best product and support team. I would highly recommend RISETEK Global.” - Ray Gutierrez, Operations Manager, North American Parking

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RISETEK installed twenty-seven lanes of fixed LPR technology to deliver detailed vehicle occupancy for each of the five parking garages. RISETEK’s industry leading business intelligence platform VERGE delivers powerful reporting and analytics of all of the Ridge Hill parking transaction data. Included in the overall Ridge Hill solution are the following technologies: Flowbird payment kiosks, TEZ mobile payments, TEZ SMS valet software, Genetec MLPR, IPdisplays VMS signage, BootVision, and ParkLoyalty PCIMS.

VERGE delivers real-time directed enforcement reporting to the NAP on-site team to deliver a consistent and efficient parking enforcement program. The entire program is supported by RISETEK’s customer support center, which fields calls 24/7 to provide assistance to Ridge Hill patrons.

VERGE provides NAP with powerful dashboard reporting tools that deliver valuable visualizations of parking transactions and revenue data. VERGE makes spotting performance trends, managing budgets, forecasting revenues, and developing pricing strategies easy. VERGE makes your data accessible and useful allowing you to spend your time analyzing your data instead of compiling it.

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RiseTek Global offers an innovative parking boot solution to more effectively manage a scofflaw program, collecting more of the unpaid parking citation revenue for cities and universities, through better technology.

Our patented self-releasing parking boot, coupled together with our data analytics solution, VERGE, delivers a customer-friendly highly-effective vehicle booting solution for municipality and university parking enforcement programs.


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