RISETEK Takes the State of Louisiana Frictionless

- Baton Rouge, LA
RISETEK developed a highly flexible plate-based validation program with customized validation issuance tools to meet the needs of each user.

The State of Louisiana’s campus in downtown Baton Rouge relies on three large parking garages to support numerous State Department employee and visitor parking needs. Major considerations had to be given to accommodating a diverse group of generators with unique parking requirements for the State’s 3,997 parking spaces.

Accommodating validations for over seventy State agencies and departments, along with a dozen restaurant tenants, a hotel, and the local YMCA, was one of the most challenging aspects of the project. RISETEK developed a highly flexible plate-based validation program with customized validation issuance tools to meet the needs of each user.

image of LaSalle Garage image of Galvez Garage image of welcome center garage
LaSalle Garage
1,809 spaces

Galvez Garage
1,800 spaces

Welcome Center Garage
388 spaces

Legacy Equipment Transition

RISETEK navigated the decommissioning and removal of the legacy Federal APD PARCS to ensure a smooth and controlled transition from the gated to a frictionless environment in each of the State garages. Twenty lanes were installed with Fixed LPR technology delivering highly accurate plate, state, make model, and color data for effective management and enforcement.

image of parking entrance

image of a camera in a parking lot

Pay by Plate Conversion

The expensive pay-a-cashier-at-exit operation was converted to a pay-by-plate approach. The installation of multi-space payment kiosks and the offering of mobile payments delivered an efficient revenue collection solution for each of the three State garages. Real-time paid plate information allows for the immediate identification of potential violators. Enforcement staff is “smartly” directed to enforce when needed to a specific garage.

Virtual Permitting Conversion

The traditional proximity access card was the prior method of controlling permit parking for State employees, contractors, and tenants. This cumbersome process was replaced with a plate-based virtual permitting solution powered by ParkLync. Agencies and parkers now have the ability to update employee and plate information in ParkLync greatly reducing the administrative burden on the State and parking operator. Over 4,000 permits were converted over to ParkLync in an organized process over a three month guided transition process inclusive of user training and testing.

Aggregated Dashboard Reporting

VERGE was deployed to aggregate all of the parking technology data and reporting for the three garages. VERGE provides real-time parking occupancy and utilization data for each garage, along with transactional and revenue reporting. VERGE has automated the daily and monthly revenue reporting for the State parking program eliminating hours of daily administrative work in tabulating parking summary reports.

image of a VERGE dashboard
image of a VERGE dashboard


RiseTek Global offers an innovative parking boot solution to more effectively manage a scofflaw program, collecting more of the unpaid parking citation revenue for cities and universities, through better technology.

Our patented self-releasing parking boot, coupled together with our data analytics solution, VERGE, delivers a customer-friendly highly-effective vehicle booting solution for municipality and university parking enforcement programs.



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