RISETEK: The Value of Integrating Your Parking Data

RISETEK Global Integrate Your Parking Data

Managing a multi-facility parking program with multiple technologies requires a coordinated team effort to generate valuable financial and transactional reporting. The time it takes to generate daily reports from each parking technology system can be significant. Formatting the data from these various reports into a useful summary requires a solid understanding of the data design of each parking data system. Typically, this reporting work is managed by an office manager/bookkeeper or multiple positions from the local team. Often Microsoft Excel is utilized to centralize the data into a daily summary report. Then the Microsoft Excel report is shared with a corporate office that takes this parking data and enters it into the company’s accounting software system. An estimated 40 to 120 hours of work a month is spent compiling these daily reports.

Would you consider this time well spent? Sure, because normally there is no other option, so what choice do you have under most circumstances?

VERGE Is Your Best Choice for Parking Data Analytics

VERGE is RISETEK Global’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool for the Parking Industry. VERGE can integrate with all of your existing parking technology today as well as the technologies you will add in the future. VERGE can automate all of your daily and monthly reporting eliminating time and expense in the process. Not only will your reporting be accurate, but it will also be available in real-time, when you need it, as you need it. With VERGE, there is no more waiting around to find out if you had a good operational day or not.

RISETEK Global’s innovative, intelligent, state-of-the-art solutions combined with our “best practices” industry experience allow us to deliver proven results that optimize our customer’s business performance and empower them to achieve next-level success.


RiseTek Global offers an innovative parking boot solution to more effectively manage a scofflaw program, collecting more of the unpaid parking citation revenue for cities and universities, through better technology.

Our patented self-releasing parking boot, coupled together with our data analytics solution, VERGE, delivers a customer-friendly highly-effective vehicle booting solution for municipality and university parking enforcement programs.


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