Riverty And ParkRight Forge Alliance To Shake Up Sweden's Control Sanctions

A Highly Monopolised Sector On The Brink Of Being Disrupted By Two Experienced Players

- Sweden
Handshake between Riverty and ParkRight

Riverty, a pioneering entity within parking payments, and ParkRight, an experienced tech player, have joined forces to embark on a journey of transformation within the traditional parking industry in Sweden.

The parking sector in Sweden has long been dominated by a few players, but the landscape is ripe for change. The partnership comes at an interesting time as the parking sector is moving from a monopolized market with slow and inefficient systems to a more competitive, innovative and technology-focused industry offering significant efficiency and improved user experience for both parking operators and consumers.

With ParkRight, operators can manage and follow up their business across all areas of parking regulation to increase business efficiency. In the solution offered, customers can evaluate both issuance, collection and aftermarket with appeals and customer inquiries. All this packaged in a user-friendly solution where the parking operator can gain full insight and control. Additionally, with ParkRight's automated appeals solution, operators can reduce the number of appeals by up to 40% and reduce the processing time per case by up to 70%.

Traditionally overlooked, ticket collectors are now placed in the spotlight, equipped with enhanced tools and support to carry out their duties effectively. Riverty and ParkRight ensure that control sanctions are enforced swiftly and fairly, driving compliance while upholding customer satisfaction. With ParkRight's Android-based App, the guard's efficiency increases by up to 60 seconds per issuance from the start of guarding to the ticket being on the window.

“We are very pleased with our new partnership with ParkRight. By partnering up with a tech savvy player we put pressure on the entire sector to continuously develop and stay abreast of innovations”, says Dennis Blennskog, Country lead Riverty. “We look forward to welcoming more players in this sector and together with partners like ParkRight increasing operational efficiency and offering consumers a technologically advanced and human-centric parking services and payments.”

With Riverty we have found an experienced player in parking, a well-known brand in efficient debt collection.”, says Kristoffer Väliharju, CEO GoldPen. “This partnership will fundamentally optimise administrative flows and unlock growth opportunities for our shared clients.

This strategic alliance leverages ParkRight’s technological expertise alongside Riverty's vast experience in finance and debt collection, supported by the strong foundation of Bertelsmann.

Come and visit us at the upcoming key industry event in parking, https://svepark.se/konferens-2024/ to learn about how we are transforming the sector.

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