ROKER: 3 Tips to Make Parking Easier

Parking can be a struggle for some people

Parking comes easy to many people. However, for those who struggle to get their car between the lines, here are some tips.

#1 Never Rely on Sensors and Cameras

It is standard for cars to come with sensors and cameras that can aid in parking your car. These tools are great, however technology in cars can go wrong. 25% of all motor vehicle accidents take place with the person at fault in reverse. This is alarming because the average person spends less than a mile a year in reverse. 

Learning to use your mirrors is key to parking. Without your mirrors, you will have a higher chance of getting into an accident. Your mirrors allow you to see things behind you without losing sight of the things in front of you.

#2 Parking as Close to the Curb as Possible when Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is a very daunting task. Not only are you holding up traffic, but you have to fit your car in a spot you are parallel with, rather than perpendicular. 

Make sure you are parking your car as close to the curb as possible. This is to avoid accidents. If your car is poking out too far into the moving traffic lane, an oncoming car may hit your car, causing an accident. Parking your car too far away from the curb may cause someone to veer away from your car, causing them to hit another moving vehicle. 

#3 Avoid Displaying an Expired Parking Ticket

Oftentimes people will put a parking ticket they already received under their windshield wiper when they are in a hurry or if they are late. This is in hopes of not getting a ticket, as to the naked eye it appears they were already been ticketed. While this is a smart tactic, if caught you can be fined up to $1,000.

Think twice before you put an old parking ticket on your car when you are running late. Take the time to pay for the spot you parked your car in. It could save you $1,000.

With ROKER, you will not have to worry about those $1,000 fines. Simple pay before you park, making your next parking experience hassle-free. 

About ROKER, Inc.

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ROKER delivers technology solutions aimed at urban space management inclusive of parking, and enforcement, to enable higher revenue recovery for public safety institutions and the commercial market. The company creates an ecosystem for smart parking that will converge with smart city initiatives across the globe. ROKER leverages proprietary intellectual property from Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR), a Maryland- based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, and Cygnet Infotech, a premier product engineering and application development services firm. ROKER was founded in 2020.


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