ROKER: How Technology Can Improve the Parking Experience at Hospitals

Hospitals can use parking technology to improve the parking experience and better assist staff, patients, and visitors as they enter and exit the facility

When it comes to hospital parking resources, one of the biggest priorities is finding solutions that not only work well for patients and visitors, but those that also support the hospital’s operational goals. In order for hospitals to operate efficiently, it’s crucial for patients, staff, and visitors to be able to come and go easily and safely. Not having the right procedures in place can cause delayed or missed appointments, a build-up in traffic, and increased stress among patients and staff.

Here are a few ways hospitals can use parking technology to improve the parking experience and better assist staff, patients, and visitors as they enter and exit the facility.

Discounted Parking for Frequent Visitors

Hospitals can lower parking costs by offering discounted parking passes for those who visit the hospital more than once or twice a week. Oftentimes, those who visit hospitals frequently are either family members visiting in-patients, or patients with chronic medical conditions that require consistent care. Regardless of the circumstances, these individuals are likely facing costly parking fees on a weekly or even daily basis. Offering a lower rate gives hospitals and parking managers the opportunity to reduce this financial burden for patients and their families.

Permits for Staff Members

In most hospitals, staff members acquire a permit that allows them to enter a separate parking lot. This is a great way to not only minimize traffic congestion but also provides doctors and nurses a convenient spot to park their vehicles. To make things even more efficient, a parking software can digitally record permits so that staff members don’t need to carry around a physical parking pass. Through a simple license plate scan, parking officers can easily identify staff parkers and ensure no vehicles are in violation.

Contactless Parking

With health, safety, and sanitary measures at an all-time high, parking software makes it easier for hospitals to manage parking resources in a contactless way. This helps to mitigate the spread of viruses, promote compliance, and most importantly, help protect the well-being of enforcement officers, staff, and visitors. Making this effort to show staff and visitors that you are taking practical steps to make their hospital visit as safe as possible, even in the parking experience, can only produce positive results.

At Roker, our SaaS solutions are designed to simplify the parking process and provide a better experience for enforcement officers and visitors. Our LPR technology provides multiple benefits when it comes to convenience, ease of use and safety in hospitals. To learn more about how you can use ROKER at your hospital, contact us here.

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ROKER delivers technology solutions aimed at urban space management inclusive of parking, and enforcement, to enable higher revenue recovery for public safety institutions and the commercial market. The company creates an ecosystem for smart parking that will converge with smart city initiatives across the globe. ROKER leverages proprietary intellectual property from Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR), a Maryland- based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, and Cygnet Infotech, a premier product engineering and application development services firm. ROKER was founded in 2020.


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