ROKER: Tickets, Fines & Penalties - How To Improve Parking Payment Compliance

Having a robust system in place to streamline, track, and manage payment collection for on-demand parking, permits, and violations is essential

Parking compliance and revenue growth stand as two critical objectives for parking operators, regardless of the industry they are in. Having a robust system in place to streamline, track, and manage payment collection for on-demand parking, permits, and violations is essential.

Without one, parking operators are more likely to experience a lack of efficiency, poor compliance, revenue loss, and an inaccurate view of parking usage within their operation. On the bright side, a cloud-based parking platform can easily resolve these very common parking challenges by giving you a better view of what’s happening in your facility at all times. Here’s why:

It’s Easier to Be Compliant with Convenient Payment Options

The main way to increase compliance is to make the payment process as simple and easy as possible for the parker. This means moving away from archaic processes like manual permits and coin parking meters. Cloud-based parking software enables a variety of payment options for the parker including mobile payment and tap-and-go with credit cards. It also digitizes the permit management process, allowing parkers to apply online for permits and time-limited parking reservations.

By offering a convenient way to pay and delivering a more efficient method of collecting those payments, organizations and municipalities can expect to see greater success when it comes to their revenue and compliance.

It Provides Better Oversight of Payment History and Vehicles in Violation

A cloud-based parking platform gives operators and enforcement officers a clear picture of what’s happening in their parking facility so they can proactively address daily challenges in real-time. It allows them to easily identify when a violation took place, the time and date a ticket was issued and whether or not it has been paid yet.

For example, in the City of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, a single driver accumulated 225 parking violations equalling a total of $20,000 in a single year – yet no payments have been received to date. This is the result of a lack of oversight and an example of how revenue can be impacted when the violation lifecycle isn’t actively monitored.

It Gives Operators Access to Actionable Parking Analytics

A cloud-based parking platform gives operators access to key analytics that indicate whether a parker has any outstanding violations or fines. This information can then be used to contact parkers in violation, address disputes in court and deny access to parkers who have outstanding violations within a particular lot. This empowers operators by giving them an opportunity to take action against non-compliant parkers and recover lost revenue. It also gives them the foresight to evolve their enforcement processes and parking rules to improve compliance within their parking facilities – all of which can be achieved in a cloud-based parking platform.

At ROKER, our parking platform is designed to interface with external parking meters, online parking registration services and mobile payment apps so that operators can easily record and collect payments. To learn more about how Roker can help you promote greater payment compliance, contact us here.

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ROKER delivers technology solutions aimed at urban space management inclusive of parking, and enforcement, to enable higher revenue recovery for public safety institutions and the commercial market. The company creates an ecosystem for smart parking that will converge with smart city initiatives across the globe. ROKER leverages proprietary intellectual property from Rekor Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:REKR), a Maryland- based company providing real-time roadway intelligence through AI-driven decisions, and Cygnet Infotech, a premier product engineering and application development services firm. ROKER was founded in 2020.


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