RTB’s Infrared sensor optimizes monitoring of individual parking spaces

RTB Infrared sensor

Fast technological progress is needed in parking. Those in the industry are confronted with new challenges to face the ever-changing future of parking.  RTB is advancing monitoring of individual parking space in parking garages with the development of a new infrared sensor.

The RTB infrared sensor is a low-cost and time-saving parking solution that integrates with existing building infrastructure. In contrast to the current sensors, the RTB sensor can determine if a parking space is occupied from an inclined, frontal position and displays the appropriate response. This allows for the driver to detect at distances which spaces are available and which are occupied.  

One of the most essential advantages of infrared sensors in comparison with ultrasound sensors is that the infrared light is diffusely reflected by all objects. The floor serves as a reference area for the sensors. Whereas for example, an ultrasound sensor doesn’t function if it hits inclined surfaces such as the windshield of a vehicle, the infrared sensor catches the reflections even from an inclined position.

Another feature of the RTB infrared sensor is that parking spaces located next to each other can have two sensors but only one LED display. If one parking space is occupied, the display is green, and if both spaces are occupied, the display is red. Because the LEDs are multicolor, the colors can be selected based on the preferences of parking operators.

In the future, cars will look for parking spaces on their own.  When you arrive at your destination, you simply park the car at the so-called transfer point and instruct an app to drive it to its parking space.

Not only the car manufacturers but also the suppliers and operators in the parking industry must get involved in this technological advancement process. We still have a long way to go but the first steps are being taken every day with determination.

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