Entrance into an underground garage of up to 18 m depth

At the Terra Carpark in Salzburg, Austria cars can be parked at 18 m depth in 90 shelf-type parking lots. Technology and software for the logistic handling originate from the system vendor Westfalia Logistik Solutions, the equipment and the software relating to identification, parking tariff and payment were supplied by Scheidt & Bachmann.
scheidt&bachmannafb4.jpgIt is an underground garage in the true meaning of the word, the Terra Carpark in Salzburg, Austria. Below a residential and business flat building, cars can be parked at 18 m depth in 90 shelf-type parking lots. This fully automated garage functions on principle like a high-shelf storage rack.

After entry into the car park area, the customer takes his parking ticket as usual and leaves for his own affairs. After placing his car in the parking box, it will be lowered into the underground deck. The automatic shelf management looks for an empty space and moves the car to it. When the customer comes back, he inserts his parking ticket into a door reader. Firstly, this gives him admission to the car park, secondly, a signal from the door reader initiates preliminary sorting of cars by means of a signal from the door reader. At the automatic pay station, the customer pays his parking fee. Payment can be in cash or by cashless paying. When concluding the paying process, the pay station will transmit a signal to the storage shelf and the car will be re-transferred to the surface. It is also possible to use a credit card as a control and paying medium. This is a benefit for season parkers of the car park, because they do not need another identification medium for usage. For this project, Scheidt & Bachmann has developed a database interface, which enables the parking software to run on the same server as the logistics application and the parking data thus flow into the Westfalia database. The advantage: Any potential sources of error that might be caused by network connection can be excluded.


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