Scheidt & Bachmann operates successfully in the Star City Hotel Casino of Sydney

The new S&B Parking System in the Star City Hotel Casino of Sydney, Australia, has been in successful operation since October 2005. The Star City Hotel Casino is situated directly on the bank of Sydney Harbour. In the hotel there is the only casino throughout New South Wales!
card.jpgBonus programmes and customer cards enjoy a great reputation worldwide. So the Star City Hotel Casino of Sydney has an own customer card, the Total Star Card.

The card offers the customers of the different status levels (Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum) various benefits: The card owners are granted, among other things, special prices for overnight stays in the Star City Hotel, in restaurants, in souvenir shops, free drinks in special bars and many more. Depending on the status level, they can park their cars at reduced tariff or entirely free. When the Total Star Card is inserted at entries and exits, the system detects the card, checks the customer data in real time with the data of the Casino data base, and evaluates them.
casino.jpgThe system at the same time informs the Casino operator about entering guests and all relevant information of the Star Card owner. So they are addressed according to their status level, and this in a wide spectrum of features: it starts from a champagne reception and it ends in a banning of players with a doubtful behaviour. The card status is flexible and may be subjected to one upgrading or downgrading via the S&B application.
Since the replacement of the old parking system by the S&B system and the full integration of the casino card, the cases of fraud like card copying and illicit trade (distribution) have become a matter of the past.

Scheidt & Bachmann has invested in high-tech production systems

New SMD insertion system

New SMD insertion system operates with extreme economy and ensures highest quality
An up-to-date insertion system immediately ensures that the gain in quality and time that we could obtain by the commissioning of a welding robot, will have its advantageous effect throughout further stations of production. The point is that housings should not wait for too long a time to be nobled by their electronic fillings.
machine1.jpgThe new automatic SMD insertion system for printed circuit boards, installed at our production site in Mönchengladbach, moves up into new dimensions as regards speed and precision. It thereby replaces the three existing insertion lines. All steps proceed automatically, from picking up the unequipped circuit board from a magazine, right to the delivery of the finished, equipped and soldered assembly. The core of the system is represented by the automatic insertion units. These include insertion heads driven via several axes. In a first step, the insertion heads pick-up and collect the smaller construction elements and insert them precisely at the locations provided for this purpose. Whilst one head collects the construction elements, the other one already proceeds to insertion. As soon as the smaller components are inserted, a high-precision inserting arm takes over the pick-up and positioning of especially high-value construction elements like ICs. By means of exchangeable construction element carriers docked to the system like a complete magazine, the system can be prepared for the next cycle while the system is still running. Not even 10 minutes will elapse until the system is ready to resume operation with a new element carrier and another type of circuit board.
machine2.jpgThe construction elements to be inserted can be supplied to the system in any forms commercially available like a belt, a bar magazine or a tray/waffle unit, to be refilled in continuous operation.
By this other future-oriented investment of approx. € 500,000, Scheidt & Bachmann is well-equipped for current and future orders and guarantees economical production in best quality and short delivery periods, for any systems from the smallest units to industrial-scale plants.
S&B has invested in a high-tech laser welding robot

Robot" in plain workshop language means "to work hard". If you want robots to do this work for you, you will have to make a long-term investment, i.e. to spend a considerable amount of capital in material assets. However, this in turn is reasonable if you want production for a long time or if you have great order volumes on hand. Both are features that belong to the declared corporate philosophy of Scheidt & Bachmann.
laser1.jpgIn order to offer our customers a continuously excellent quality, even at high production throughput rates, without having to waive special solutions, S&B has invested nearly 500,000 € in a laser welding system. The laser technology was offered by the special laser provider Trumpf, while for the supply of robot engineering we used the supply of KUKA.

In an external radiation source a laser beam of 2,000W is generated and conducted to the optical focus system via a photoconductive cable.
The impressive welding result is ensured by a motion capability around 8 axes: 6 axes directly on the robot, and 2 axes on the rotary tilting table.
The sheet component to be welded, e.g. an instrument hood of special steel, is clamped to the rotary tilting table and referenced by 3 points. Subsequently the welding process accordingly programmed is started. Welding is done without any filler material added, i.e. the precisely laser-cut sheet edges are fused to each other, making a negligible amount of finishing work necessary.
laser2.jpgNot only time saving is considerable, but by less cutting waste a lot of material is saved, and the amount of distortion is much lower than during conventional welding. The edge-trimming operations are reduced, and the components show a high quality standard.
A special highlight is the 2-station table acting as a changer: while one segment is welded, a second workpiece can be prepared. Our own fixture shop produces the clamping fixtures and can thus respond immediately to new requirements.
For the production of its devices and instruments, Scheidt & Bachmann make use of the leading technologies in the market to support their reputation as a supplier of top-quality products.

About Scheidt & Bachmann

sb.jpgScheidt & Bachmann was founded in 1872. Today the company of tradition presents itself as an innovative system house.

In the four more or less independent distribution fields, systems are developed, produced and distributed for parking garage, leisure park installations and stadium systems, signal technology, ticketing technology and petrol stations.

The high qualification of the employees through intensive training and education, the highly developed production technology and the invigorating company's culture are considered to be the immaterial values the company could not do without.

Scheidt & Bachmann follows it´s strengths with all consequences and introduce systematically innovation processes. This is one of the main reasons, why in all it´s market fields, Scheidt & Bachmann is amongst the market leaders in Europe and the World.


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