Smart method to reimburse the parking fee for swimming / leisure pools

In the true sense of the word, a visit to the swimming bath or leisure pools should start in an unclouded mood. But often the swimming fun is spoiled by a frustrating car park situation in direct neighbourhood of the pool.
Scheidt und Bachmann GmbH foto 1.JPGAs a matter of fact, the bath operator intends to provide his guests a sufficient number of parking lots as a free service. For many baths, however the situation in the environment does not allow this service to be offered to their guests free of charge: The parking areas in front of the bath are under public administration, and a blocking of the car park for the sake of priority use by bath visitors is thus not permitted.
Bath visitors and foreign car park users compete with each other for the available parking lots. It will also be annoying to the guests if the community raises a parking fee, although there are sufficient parking lots available for the cars.

In order to offer the guests the service of a free car park, a smart idea by Mr. Ralf Merzig, holder of power of attorney for the Bädergesellschaft Düsseldorf mbH, was turned into reality together with Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH. A parking fee shall be paid on an automatic pay-and-display station at the swimming hall and open-air pool Benrath ( Düsseldorf, Germany).
Scheidt und Bachmann GmbH foto 2.JPGAfter payment the guest will receive the usual voucher, which he shall place behind the windscreen of his car. New is the additional voucher printed with a bar code. This bar code meets the constructional specification for the cashier and access control system of Scheidt & Bachmann. The uniqueness of the bar code is ensured by the time, day and payment data printed. This voucher is now presented by the guest to the cashier of the bath.
Scheidt und Bachmann GmbH foto 3.JPGBy simply scanning, the parking fee is converted into a returned item. The returned item is now automatically compensated with the other items, like the bathing fee. By this straightforward and simple method, the bathing guest has used the car park for the duration of the swimming baths free of charge.
A real super idea, because it shows that customer binding and the endeavour for satisfying the customer are not just idle promises.


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